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Where do you do your surfing?



Clean green leafy machine
Laptop in front of the telly :)
No. But feel free to share...:D
I am soooooooooooo scared of virusisisisisisis that I am very conservative in my surfing lol - usually google for the news, then bbc for the weather, Diva to see what the rest of us gayers are up to then on here, not forgetting facebook of course..................
I do BBC for news AND weather (esp when running outside), no facebook or anywhere as social as that - ebay and email and here, and that's it!


Clean green leafy machine
I google to within an inch of my life :)

I LIVE for my iPhone and last week managed to accidentally delete iTunes - after my heart started beating again I went on You Tube and some geeky American boy helped me reinstall everything :D

But it has taught me to backup everything...

I also have Malware virus stopper software loaded on.
I would love an iphone (just don't tell the missus or i will get one for crimbo and she can't afford it) my flip sony is getting quite elderly but I still love it, although the front screen is beginning to break up in the corners.........but it still does what it needs to do - think if I had an iphone I would get nothing done at work lol


Clean green leafy machine
LOL they are wonderful Bren - I had a 2nd gen and had my 3GS the minute they came out.

I use it from morning to night - alarm, radio, check calendar, get directions, find the best way to get wherever I'm going - the list goes on! And then there are the apps - just got a mad game called Ragdoll which is a cannon in a load of different scenarios and a target board, which you fire ragdolls at LOL


Clean green leafy machine


Clean green leafy machine
Nooooo but think I should have it - find out what it's called please?
It is something Tom, you can tickle it, stroke it, make it purr - if you can't find it let me know and I will ask. Will be on at lunchtime tomorrow if nothing else prevails!
main comp in lounge laptop all over well when wireless os working and samsung galxy smart phone for rest of the planet x

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