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Which celeb would you 'marry'?

Inspired by determinedgirl's 'which celeb would you be?' thread, I'm interested in which celeb you would lurve.

I have loads so don't hold back folks! lol

JAMES MCAVOY (It's one of those crushes whre I don't quite have a grip on reality -it's like I believe one day i'm a gonna get my hands on him! LMAO)

Jon Bon Jovi (drooolll)

Oh dear..it must be too late, I can't think of anymore...I'll probably steal ppl's ideas soon enough though. :D
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Has anyone commented recently on the way Lipotrim can affect the libido? hmmm?
Heh, I definitely think it does affect your libido! Either that or I'm just despicable ;-)

If we're talking marrying, as opposed to locking in a hotel room for a few days, I'm opting for Bradley from Eastenders, I actually adore him. I'm tragic. I know. Oh or Johnny Depp...

OMG!! I LOVE bradley! LMAO -Have a soft spot for the geeky gingers. sigh. Actually these days I dont appear to be fussy at all.

I was rather thinking locked hotel room material but didn't like to say, hehehehe
James McAvoy and Bradley from Eastenders, love them two, great taste.

Ooooh so many. Ok, I love Josh Homme (Queens of Stoneage) Christian from Eastenders (love his body) Stephen Fry (I know he's gay but I want him anyhow) Jack Black, Tony (Coronation Street) Dermot O'Leary, Charlie Brooker, Russell Brand, Alan Davies, Sean Slater (yummy used to be in Eastenders) Commando Steve (Biggest Loser Australia) Bob Harper (Biggest Loser US) ....I've weird taste in men eh.

Loads more but can't think right now. What is a libido? If you got one spare can I try it out? Is it good?
ohh, too many out there, but my absolute favourite at the moment is Gerard Butler.hmmmm...oh no, now you got me dreaming away again.lol
Maksim Mrvica please. It's too early (05:34)in the morning, I can't think of anybody else yet.Maybe a littlebit later.lol


It's bad enough that Han admitted to this...but BlackRose and Betsy too?! Ladies, ladies, ladies!!! Han...what I loved is that your two top men are Bradley and Jonny Depp!! haha! I mean talk about contrasts!!

Mine would be....

1) Mr Darcy/Colin Firth
2) Aidan from Sex and the City
3) Orlando Bloom
4) Hugh Jackman (esp how he looked in the shower scene in 'Australia')
5) Will Smith
6) Evil Tony from Corrie (I get that Betsy!!)
7) Owen Wilson

hmmm...I'm sure there are others....

ha! Just realised that the thread says which one would I marry. Guess I'd need to move to Utah and have a whole polygamy thing going on!

Great thread!

WENTWORTH MILLER from Prison break he's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOTTTTTTT!!!!!

hahahahaha well this thread woke me up this morning i can tell you , i have all sorts of pictures in my head hehe
I am with the Bradley people, he is sooooo lovely.
Mr Big from Sex and the City.
Jack Branning from Eastenders.
Carl from Emmerdale.
Jason Stratam (think thats how u spell it lol.
Shayne Ward.
Vin Deisal
Simon Cowell (lol)

There are more, will update when I remember who they are ha ha
I am with you on Simon Cowell. I think he is a really nice person who is acting nasty for the cameras.
So I am on 2 names now.lol
will think some more.
Haha, I was saying that if I had to actually spend the rest of my life without someone, it would be Bradley (I actually shouted at the screen, "you are not stealing my Bradders!" when that stupid woman asked him to move to Canada & my Mother thinks I've gone a bit odd...)! I've had a thing about cute ginger boys since my first crush on some ginger kid my Mum child-minded when I was, like, eight! But, y'know, I'd rather be locked in a hotel room with Johnny Depp...

I'm just being realistic! ;-)

Ahem Luce! Bradders is gorge! I just want to snuggle him to my ample bosom!

Hannah, me too! I have such a thing for ginger men! I love them! I've been known to nearly crash the car to get a better look at one who works in a local salon. He's a beaut!

And OMG! How could I forget Danny Dyer! That man is sex on legs! I adore everything about him. I am definitely going to divorce my Hubby and marry him next week.
i love michael macintyre(the comedian),alan davies,johnny vaughn,vince vaughn,owen wilson,james morrisson and simon baker.
gonna lock them all up in a room somewhere to 'use' as and when i fancy lol x
got a thing for funny blokes x
i love michael macintyre(the comedian),alan davies,johnny vaughn,vince vaughn,owen wilson,james morrisson and simon baker.
gonna lock them all up in a room somewhere to 'use' as and when i fancy lol x
got a thing for funny blokes x
oh James Morrison, good one. can i share that one please? actually can i share Michael McIntyre too? xxx
ooooo errrrrrr!!!
Here go my top 5!!
-Vin Diesel
-Det Scanlan (Medium)
-Mr Big (sex and the City)
-Wentworth Miller (prison Break)
-Gary Dourdan (Warick csi)

ok now having read all your posts and now thinking of my top 5 im hoping for sweat dreams tonight, WHO NEEDS FOOD lol

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