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Which day gives you greater losses?


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For me I can't really tell. I had a whole week of green a few weeks back and lost 9lbs, yipee I thought I'll do it again and then only lost 1/2lb:8855:. I'm alternating green and red this week in the hope it tricks my body. Some people seem to dislike green because they get bloated and other's stick to it 100%. I'm afraid it takes a bit of experimenting.


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In all honesty for me, it makes not ONE jot of difference! I've tried a green week, a red week, and an alternate week - similar losses all round!

I think its whatever suits you personally :) xx


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I'm completely undecided! I've lost my 41.5 lb so far by doing mainly EE, but have tried mostly red days for 2 weeks and my last losses were 3lb and 2lb respectively but there's nothing to say that I wouldn't have lost these anyway whichever plan I followed!! I think I've felt less bloated by reducing my carbs though, so may continue to add in some red days, but I probably won't do them purely from a weight loss perspective as I've been pretty happy with my progress on EE! For me EE gives me more variety, but I suppose part of the beauty of SW is that it's totally our choice which day we choose to be on, and I love the freedom of choice that it allows!X
I struggle with hunger if i do red days, so its EE for me :) I used to loose about 1-2lb a week if i done green only but with extra easy if i give it 100% i can loose 3lb :)


Never gets tired of SW!
I used to be a red and EE girl but did a week of green recently and lost 3lbs, and since then have been having more green days along with EE. This isn't because of the loss though, I enjoyed what I was eating :) It's really about finding what's best for you xx
Perhaps I'll throw some green days in as well! Luckily I like them all!!X
I don't find it makes that much diff, for me some weeks I have great losses and some weeks not so great and there's no pattern to it. I do tend to feel quite bloated if I eat lots of pasta though so do tend to avoid too much pasta even if on green x
I found that EE didn't really work for me, as I was eating too much! I did a week of mostly red and had a good loss, but then I had a really unpleasant experience with chicken and have sort of gone off most meat for the moment. Have mostly been doing green this last week or two, and while I feel slightly more bloated than on red, I am enjoying that I am eating more, so I'm more likely to keep it up longer term.


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I personally stick to Green with 1 or 2 EE days, but that's because I enjoy doing SW this way. SW isn't about losing the weight really quickly, like VLC diets or those diets you see in magazines, but about changing your eating habits and making a change for life - and as a result you lose weight. The way I see it is that it takes time to change your lifestyle to a healthy one, and SW gives you the time to do this so once you are at target you're not going to revert back to old habits and then put all the weight back on!

Try not to see all of this as a race to lose it all quickly - enjoy the food you're eating and enjoy the benefits of losing the weight along the way.


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You are right Sarah. Thank you. I will just take each day as it comes and change it to what is convenient to me x
I used to do mostly green days but only because I could never decide what to eat on a red day. But now that's sorted I mix it up a bit & decide in the morning whether its going to be a red or green day:D. On the whole I do more green than red as I'm more a veggie & fish eater than meat eater.

Either way no particular day/s have better losses for me.


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Red and Extra Easy for me and this seems to work well. I love EE but as i am bread and crispbread fan some days want more of these so i have a red day so i get two healthy extras. I agree with the comments above as long as i am losing or staying the same i am going in the right direction so it may take a while to get to target but i will enjoy the journey and not feel deprived unlike other low cal diets.


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I think it depends on your preferences and your body!
I feel that mainly green suits me best with extra easy days when going out or wanting to eat that way, I feel I eat too much if I do all extra easy and my body doesnt seem to process meat that well(though I never noticed or appreciated that before!) and if I do red days I don't feel satisfied!
Have a play and see what works for you :)


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Red days would probably give you the most weight loss, as the carbs are restricted on red days.

But personally I find that I am hungier on Red days, so I like to have a good mixture of Red, Green & EE during the week, I don't lose a lot, but I am steadily losing every week.


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I usually have green days and tend to lose 1-2lbs a week, I found that if i have more red days I lose more weight but I really struggle on the red days. Not much of a meat eater so just tend to have my green days and happy losing the weight slowly

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