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Which diet is the best?

Hi there, ive have put on a few stone since having my son, im always snacking at night i find and i love bread which is bad!
I want to loose 2 stone by the summer and tone up so i know i have to exercise but i was wondering what the best diet is to do? what worked for you guys well? ive seen that alli advertised but im unsure if this is any good, i dont mind paying out but i dont have the money to sped a fortune, like the cambridge diet where some said its at least 40 extra a week.
Also is there diets where you loose it faster?
Any advice would be great :)
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Strutting her stuff
The best diet is the one that fits with your lifestyle and is sustainable in the long-term. You don;t have very much to lose so I would look at one of the healthy eating plans be it SW, WW or calorie counting. Faster isn't necessarily better - what is important is making lifestyle changes so that you keep it off when you reach your goal. Sorry if this is not the answer you are looking for but good luck with whatever you decide to do.
If you've never dieted before, I'd be inclined to start out with either Slimming World or Weight Watchers. Some people have great losses on those, and I would try those first and see if you can do it that way - both super healthy and leave room for a few little indulgences!

(I'm going for Exante, which is a bit like Cambridge and a bit cheaper, because I'm jaded with dieting and want to lose it quicker now).
Xencial stops the body from absorbing 2/3 of the fat in the food you consume, meaning you're only taking in 1/3 of the fat you eat BUT you will have NASTY side effects if you break the rules.

You shouldn't eat anything over with over 5g of fat per 100g and 15g of fat per meal. If you do then you could experience uncontrollable "leaking" from the rear.

But if you follow a low fat diet such as Slimming World/WW or a low calorie diet then you shouldn't need tablets any way as you won't be eating enough fat for the tablets to take effect.


Strutting her stuff
Try not weigh yourself more than once a week as your weight naturally fluctuates by as much as 7 lbs a day. So do not be too disappointed if come your official WI day you have not lost 3lbs. Also you might want to rethink your goal weight as that will put you into the underweight BMI range.
I wish to loose the same amount. I am going to calorie count. I have been since friday and I am already down 3lbs! =) We can buddy up if you like? Help one another along the way?
Yeah that sounds great, and well done on the 3 lbs xx

I have joined a bums tums and thighs class and a dance class, both hard work but worth it i have lost 7lbs in two weeks, i ache but im sure ill get used to it lol :) xx

You are already at the health weight range, so you don't need to put your body through pressure to lose fast.

I think the most beneficial when people is already at a helth weight and want to lose just those last pounds is to choose a diet that you can make long term, something to transition into a lifestyle. That being said, I think any of the following is usefull: calorie counting (minimum around 1200 cals or 1500 if you exercise); weight watchers and simming world :)

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