Which diet pill is best?

Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by missRV, 11 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    So I'm doing Slimming World. Lost 3st up to now but really want a boost, I seem to have hit a plateau.

    I'd like to try a pill and I'm wondering what people have tried and tested and did they work.... my options are:

    Kilo Off

    (All the above 3 I've tried and not sure on how effective they are)

    XLS Medical
    Acali Berry

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm currently 15st10lb so I'm in the obese range weight. I do 3 x exercise sessions a week of 45 minutes (one gym session, one zumba session and one bokwa session)

    Thanks in advance you lovely people :)
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  3. toofatkat

    toofatkat Not such a fat kat now :)

    That happened to me on sw after nearly 4 stone :( i plateaued for 18,months CBS it started to creep back on.
    I went to the doctor and he gave me orlistat which is the double strength Alli. I've now lost almost 6stone. I've not taken it for a long time now but it was enough to give me that boost and lose all the weight again.
    If you're going to do it you may as well try the medically approved version and only pay prescription charge

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  4. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    Thanks :)

    Might give it a go :) our doctor isn't too good at writing prescriptions; but good to know it worked for you, I'm even more determined to keep going now :)
  5. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Yes, I think most of us on this part of the forum would probably say to try Orlistat from your GP if you're going to take any sort of pill - I'd be wary of most over the counter things, personally. Like Kat, I've had good results on it. :) xx
  6. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    Thank you :) I'll try to make an appointment :)
  7. xAlisonx

    xAlisonx Silver Member

    How did you get on? Did you get a prescription? I used orlistat with good results but had a break from dieting and put some back on and I'm now trying to lose it again and am considering going back to the Doc's as it really helped me. Good luck whatever method you use :)
  8. missRV

    missRV Full Member

    Hey :)
    I've managed to order Alli, which are a weak version of Xenacal (sorry however it's spelt) to see how it goes. If that works then I'll make an appointment with the GP. I've still not seen any change in my weight but my scales measure body fat % and body water and muscle and the fat is going down so it must technically be working. Just waiting for them to arrive, as I ordered from Lloyds Pharmacy.

    Thanks so much for the advice :)

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