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  1. Baby_Cakes

    Baby_Cakes Dave's little girl

    I have a selection of workout DVDs that has built up over the years, I have about 20 in total now.

    Its come time to start using one, but I dont know what one to use. I'm going to decide on a couple to keep and get rid of the rest.

    Heres my list -

    Jillian Michaels - Banish fat boost metabolism
    Jillian Michaels -shed and shred
    Jillian Michaels - no more trouble zones
    Jillian Michaels - 30 day shred
    Jillian Michaels - six week six pack
    Jillian Michaels - body revolution
    Natalie Cassidy - then and now workout
    The firm - 500 calorie workout
    Turbo Jam - 20 minute workout
    Nadia Swahla - fat to fab
    Mel B - Totally fit
    Billy blanks - Cardio inferno
    Claire Nasir - Bootcamp
    Hannah Waterman - Body blitz
    Zumba - 5 disc collection
    Jen Ellison - fat blaster
    Vicky entwistle - weight off workout
    Debbie Rush - Bulge buster workout
    Josie gibson - slim in 30 seconds
    Davina - Body Buff
    Davina - power of 3
    Davina - High energy five
    Davina - Ultimate target
    Davina - Intense

    - what would you keep?

    I'm seriously going to throw the remaining in a bag for the charity shop so that I stick to one/two.
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  3. Baby_Cakes

    Baby_Cakes Dave's little girl

    No reply. Hmm, I think I may go for a selection of the Davina ones. Maybe try the high energy five for a couple of months and then switch to the Intense. I did look at Josie Gibson, but I think she would annoy me - I might just keep this for a boost on the days I dont have too much time as this can be done in a mimimum of 20 minutes plus its interval training.
  4. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    Id defo keep them they should keep you going for ages. Although i havent actually used any of them i would think they are the best out of what you have.
  5. loobylou72

    loobylou72 Member

    I have tried the Hannah Waterman one and didn't like it, found there was not enough instruction and not motivating enough.

    I don't think you can go wrong with the Davina ones, I have 3 and am going to start using these when i start exercising at home. I think they are really good.

    I used them to lose nearly 2 stone of baby weight, along with calorie counting and walking with the pram and dog!

    Good luck!
  6. Baby_Cakes

    Baby_Cakes Dave's little girl

    The remainder I am going to be giving away if anyone is interested?
  7. RedRevolver

    RedRevolver Full Member

    Plus, it turned out that she was suffering from type 2 diabetes, which was a major factor in her own weight loss.
  8. lozzers_losing_weight

    lozzers_losing_weight Full Member

    If be interested in the jillian michaels ones if their still going spare? Thanks

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  9. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    Il tell you some awesome dvds that get results- Insanity workout, Turbo Fire and Les Mills Combat all awesome
  10. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    insanity is awesome. i havent got the combat dvd but i go to the classes
  11. Kiwi #

    Kiwi # Full Member

    Can you get body combat on DVD? I do the classes and love them.

    I did the insanity fit test and that killed me I've been to scared to do the workouts :s
  12. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    Yeah its called Les Mills Combat im not doing the program but doing a few of the workouts and i love it

    Les Mills Combat Workout
  13. emma237

    emma237 Gold Member

    I have been thinking about getting Josie Gibson's DVD - Looks quite good.
  14. Baby_Cakes

    Baby_Cakes Dave's little girl

    Turbo fire looks quite good.
  15. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    While i havent done turbo fire myself i know someone who is and they say its great.
  16. Polgara

    Polgara Member

    Ooo if you've giving any away I'd love the zumba or any davina ones (but reckon you should keep them...a is the queen!)
  17. jc1976

    jc1976 Silver Member

    If you think Josie would annoy you too much I'd be interested :)
  18. BikiniBody2013

    BikiniBody2013 Full Member

    I would defo be interested in some.

    I was going to order the 30 day shred and the Josie one but I'm not fussy x
  19. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Not a fan of insanity, love p90x though. What are the other two like?
  20. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Keep jillian michaels- I love those! They are quick but if you put your all in you really see results...
  21. skinnybodyc

    skinnybodyc Full Member

    What i did to keep motivated and stop getting bored was create a group of my friends who were all trying to lose weight and we all swapped the dvds around. It keeps us motivated and it is a good way to get info on them before you tried it lol. There are now 20 of us and about 60 dvds to choose from .Saves loads of money to .

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