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Which plan for best weight loss?

I am starting SW again this week, having narrowed it down from GL, WW or low carbing.

I would now like to know which option is best for losing large amounts of weight asap.

I know that everyone is different and so are there bodies but just wondered what the people who lost large amounts in less than 12 months had done?

Would it be best to do Red, Green or EE if I was aiming to lose a stone a month?

Any help or advise would be much appreciated as a drop on the scales each week is the only thing which motivates me!!!

If anyone would like a SW buddy, or there is a group on here with the same aims I would love to be included as i think catching up on here could be a great diversion to the munchies!!!

Thanks all in advance!
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Hi Lessoflou,

Welcome to SW. Your question is a difficult one - which plan is best. No-one can answer this for you. I have seen loads of people here who have done really well on all the plans. Some do better on one than another, others can do whichever they choose. I really think that the most important thing at the beginning is what you can stick to, so choose the one that suits you best and go for it. Then you can tweak from there. I do mostly EE and I love it although have the occasional green day. I have lost 3 and a half stone since mid aug (and had loads of meals out, christmas and a holiday in that time).

I would really encourage you though not to 'expect' (or even aim ?) to lose 1 stone per month - it is definitely doable (particularly in the beginning if you have a lot to lose - even more so for the men) but I am always a bit concerned about setting very challenging targets. If you don't manage it (and 'only' lose 9lbs a month) will you be disappointed and stop doing it ?). This is a plan for life so think of it that way rather than a 'diet' to be followed until you get there. However if you respond well to a challenge and won't get downhearted if you do well but don't meet the challenge then go for it.

Good luck.

Gail x
Just echoing what's been said above as to expec to lose 1 stone each month is unrealistic on this plan. It is possible, but it's not something that can be controlled or planned to lose that much, more a stroke of luck.

What works for one person doesn't work for another, so if you want the plan to work you have to find what's right for you, follow it 100% and take whatever weightloss you get.

It's worth remembering that the only diets which guarantee losses of 1 stone a month are VLCD's, which are very hard to follow - if it is was easy to lose 1 stone a month then these diets wouldn't exist!

I believe the average weight loss on SW is 1.5lbs a week.

The weight didn't go on overnight, so it's not going to disappear overnight either (sadly!). Good luck on the plan, and try and ease up on your targets, as you could miss the good work which you're doing by seeing it as a failure to hit your stone a month expectation.


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I have to do green as I'm vegetarian but when I went to class the majority had the bigger losses with red days.
I think the answer to your question depends on which foods you like best.

If you like to mix carbs and proteins together, then you will probably find you have more success with extra easy.

However if you prefer to have mainly carbs, then Green might be better, or red if you prefer to have mainly proteins.

I don't think either of the plans has a better weight loss result, they are all the same if you put 100% into them and follow the plan with no tweaking etc.