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which plan


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Extra Easy is fab- I love it! I did a full week of it last week and lost two pounds. This week I've done three EE days and had a sneaky peak on the scales this morning and I'm showing another two pound loss (I get weighed on Wednesday) but I'm going to try a few red days now. I know people have different interpretations of 'free food' but to me it means eat until you are satisfied and not gorging for the sake of it i.e. I noticed that Marshalls Cheesy Macaroni is free on a green day and in the past I could definitely eat almost the whole packet of that but when I checked the calories it has almost 1000 cals per box so in future I will have half a box and bulk it out with superfree veg/mash.


Lover of Extra Easy
I have not lost a lot of weight on EE - 11 pounds in 12 weeks but I have all my syns each week and have gone over a couple of weeks with flexi syns!
I don't feel deprived in anyway, and feel fuller and am enjoying my food much more than before I did SW!
I am happy with the loss as it's in the right direction.
I have done mixtures of red and green and lost similar amounts, or less perhaps. I think I cheated more then and probably did EE before it was even brought in!
I, personally find doing either green or red a bit restrictive, for me. I know that others do well on it, but I prefer EE.
I have just started EE on Fri and will be weighed this Thursday. I don't loose weight easy and cannot believe how much you can eat on this plan. I just hope I have lost this week because I will feel so embarrassed in class if I haven't.
I do EE and to be honest, I do think it is a little slower than red and green days on the weight loss but in saying that it is far more flexible and fits in round a family better. It also really doesn't feel like you are on a diet as the meals are normal.


Champion actifryer
I've just done two weeks of extra easy and despite eating several meals with family and friends have lost 1.3 kg (nearly 3lbs), whereas I'd reached a bit of a standstill with "traditional" SW. I have sacrificed my Hex cheese for greater flexibilty and I love it

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