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Which straighteners ghd wide or iv?


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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh basically I have got about 60 pounds for Xmas and there are some ghds on eBay for around the 40 pound Mark but I dunno whether to get the iv or the wide plate. I have thick curly hair but am used to the bog standard size ones of fake ghds so really am stumped what ones to get!
They end in 9 hours help!!!!!!
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I also have thick frizzy hair and used to have the wide plate ones. My hairdresser then told me that they were more for people who didn't really have very curly hair so that they could get it done quicker, so I should get the thinner ones.

So I did, and they are AWESOME - so much better than the thick plate ones!
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They are designed for Afro carribean hair so they work really well but I find it hard to get any volume with them.

The thin ones take a little longer but don't leave hair so flat, and they are good for curling xx
Ive been just straightening from about half way down the lower layers of my hair then from the root on the top layer only which has given my hair more volume. Might work better for you?

I have fine hair so not much advice for you fatty no more other than be careful when buying them from ebay especially at that price-i got mine off it and they are genuine but my aunt got hers and they arent
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I'd save up a bit more money and get them from Asos or somewhere like that, they're expensive but if you end up with an older pair from Ebay, you run the risk of them not lasting all that long.

If your hair is fairly long, I'd go for the wider plates but if it's short (or you'd want to get it short) got for the normal ones

I have curls - and i have the mark 4 ones.....if you buy from a certified site you get a warrenty - mine have blown up twice, and the warrenty is 2 years i think - ive always had mine replaced!

I think in Jan they will have a sale on them!! xxx
If theyre on ebay at that price Id put money on them being fakes. Ebay are only supposed to allow geniune GHD sellers to sell them and theres no way theyd be that price.

There was a big piece in the papers around this time last year warning people against them, they can be really dangerous, a lot of people got badly burned and a few sets burnt out quickly or went on fire.

Id hang on to your cash and buy what you know is a genuine set


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i have bought bought very cheap second hand hair dryers and straughtners and curling tongs[not off ebay] for myself and so far had no problems[because i am terribly impulsive]

but i have to say and i [i am being a hypocrite] i really wouldn't recomend buying things like that off ebay especially cheap like that


I'm a greedy pig
S: 8st7lb C: 8st5lb G: 7st2lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st2lb(1.68%)
well i hope you enjoy them. am sure they are genuine and ok

sorry for what i said[and i am a hypocrite] but i felt i had to say that and in general i do tend to feel I have to advise people be very careful with these things


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Yeah, I thought about ebaying my old ones but ended up selling them to a workmate in the end. I know a lot of people aren't trusting of 2nd hand straighteners.

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