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Which water tastes best.......

I'm a bit bored so I thought I would start a new thread.........

As drinking water is a bit part of this diet I though it would be cool to find out what everyone thinks of the different brands of water.

I've been drinking 'Tescos' Scottish Mountain Spring water. But the other day I tried Evian I disliked it. I found it very strange as I assumed all water would taste the same!

What water is your fav and is there any you don't like?
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please try again
i drink good old tap water

cant stand sparkling water, its yuck!
I think all water tastes the same, i usually just buy the cheapest because im drinkin so much of it!! Cant drink my tap water as lots of limescale have a filter thing but to much hassle to get 3litres a day limescale free!!!


please try again
ahh the joys of tap water, when i lived in north belfast it tasted of mud, deffo couldnt drink it like that

delli, i acctually like the still riverrock water and the still ballygowen one


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Volvic water

'Tescos' Scottish Mountain Spring water'
Council pop aka tap water!

Deb G

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Tap water - straight from the Cumbrian Fells - LOVELY! I tried some 'Contrex' - speacial stuff designed for (or at least marketed at) women - but it was VILE!! I poured it away and now use the bottles for keeping my tap water in at school!
I drink tap water but I put it through one of those water filter things first otherwise it's not nice at all.


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I drink good old tap water, unless I'm out and I've forgotten to take a bottle with me, then I just buy whatever's in a litre bottle
I have Highland Spring or Tesco's Mountain Sport which I think is the same as Tesco's Mountain Spring but in a sports bottle, lol.

I don't drink tap water because we don't have mains water where I live and there's all sorts of dodgy things in our water supply, it comes straight from the hill which is full of sheep.



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I like Evian but you can't beat good old tap water! I don't like Volvic yuck.

I find that interesting that you don't like Volvic, whereas I don't like the taste of Evian
of all the waters it would be the one I must dislike.:rolleyes:

I find it tastes sickly sweet.

Why don't you like Volvic...just curious:confused:

Can't drink the Tap water as it is pretty ugh a lot of the time:(

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