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White Chocolate, strawberry and ginger cheesecake from Aug/Sept SW Mag!! Please help!


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi all,

I made the white choc, strawberry and ginger cheesecake today from the new SW mag and although it was delicious I encountered some technical problems and wondered if anyone can help please!!

Firstly the gingersnap biscuit base didn't spread far enough for the tin so I had to use 12 instead of 6 (but used the same amount of l.f. spread), increasing the syns from 4 to 6 per slice (1/6 of the cheesecake). Secondly, because I had to bake the cheesecake mixture in the tin, when it was set, it came away slightly from the edge of the tin and when it had cooled and I poured the jelly over the top it ran down the edge and leaked out of the tin, leaving only a small amount of jelly sitting on top! I thought I had to use a loose-bottomed tin, but is it possible to line a fixed bottomed tin with paper, and lift the cheesecake out afterwards? Advice would be much appreciated! It tasted yum, but the presentation was very different to the pic in the magazine!!!X

I've since realised that my tin was 8", hence the need for more biscuits, but even then it produced quite a small cheesecake! When made in a 6" tin it must be very small, but I suppose because of the mixture, it would produce a deeper result!!X
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Never gets tired of SW!
It's in the new mag!! But I can tell you now!

Makes 6 slices and it's 4 syns per slice (or 6 in my case!!)

Preheat oven to 180 c/350 f/GM4

Whisk together 2 X 250g pots of Quark with 5 tbspns sweetener, a sachet of white chocolate Options (2.5 syns) and 2 large eggs.

Crush 6 gingersnap biscuits, melt 2 tpsns low fat spread (suitable for baking) and mix together then press into a 6" diameter baking tin (now this is where I got stuck as the smallest tin I have is 8" so I had to use 12 biscuits to cover the base and therefore the final thing was shallower than in the pic!!- A 6" tin would be tiny so the slice would be very small!! Oh well it's worth it for the taste!!!!)

Spread the Quark mixture over the base and bake in the oven for 25 mins or until set. Cool.

Make up a strawberry sugarfree jelly and cool but don't set. Arrange fresh strawberry slices over the top of the cheesecake and pour over the jelly. Put in fridge to set. Arrange more strawberries on top to serve if you wish.

It was really delicious, apart from the problems I highlighted earlier! I'd be interested to hear from someone whose cheesecake came out exactly the same as the pic in the recipe and get some tips!X
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I am planning to make the cheesecake tonight..... "IF" I can buy a tin suitable as I dont have any baking tins!

Will let you know tomorrow how it turns out.


Never gets tired of SW!
Great, please let me know, but do try and find a 6" tin! It will produce a very small but deep cheesecake! Any larger tin and you'll need more biscuits and because they're 2.5 syns each it will increase the syns per slice!!X
You can get small tins from Lakeland but check in your local supermarket. My friend has a couple of small round tins so I might lend from her. Thanks for the heads up. Looks gorgoeus. Yes I would normally line a normal tin then lift it out. x
I saw this in the mag and am dying to try it as I have made another SW cheesecake which was delicious in the past. I thought it would be small cos usually they say a full cake serves 8 or 10 so 6 portions must be a fair bit smaller. And yes, I too would struggle as my cake tins are all 8".
The last cheesecake I made didn't go in the oven though so I can't think of a solution to the shrinkage / jelly-round-the edges problem I'm afraid. Then again, I'd eat it even if it looks like a dog's dinner!! :)


Never gets tired of SW!
Thanks guys!! Prawnchopsuey, it didn't look too bad, just not as 'perfect' as the photo in the mag, but tasted divine!! My dh simply didn't believe me when I told him the filling part was virtually syn free (apart from the Options)! Emma-Louise I will try putting parchment in the loose-bottomed tin! Thanks!XXXX
Well I made this this weekend, and like some of you had a few problems.

I used a 7" loose bottomed tin - I still had to use n extra 3 ginger nuts to cover the base and the real problems came when I added the jelly. Because it was loose bottomed I don't think the 'seal' was that tight as the jelly just poured through. I had lined it also with greaseproof.

In the end I had to take it out of the tin, line with tin foil, put back in tin and then add jelly. Half of it still came out though.

I do have silicone 'tins' but they are 8".

May make 6 individual ones next time in large ramekins.


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This sounds absolutley deeeee-lish!! :) I will definitley be giving it a go! Thanks for the recipe x

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