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*WhitePigeon's weight loss diary!*

Hi all,

I've decided it's about time to begin a weight loss diary - I have a food diary which is updated *almost* daily and I find extremely useful but I think it would be useful to have somewhere to talk about my actual weight loss and how I feel about it rather than just what I've consumed that day.

To give you a brief overview of er, me. I'm 22, I live at home with my mum and brother and I'm currently at university training to be a nurse! I'm halfway through my course so if all goes to plan, in just over a year and a half I'll be a staff nurse and I can't wait. :D

My weight has been an issue for me as long as I can remember, the highest weight I can ever recall being is about 17 stone at the age of 17, I'm now 14st 13lb which is the lowest weight I can recall being for a very long time - however there's still a long way to go which is why I'm on here. ;)

My motivations for wanting to lose weight are:

- I like feeling healthy, I enjoy going to the gym and I feel good knowing that I'm giving my body the right things.

- Due to being a student nurse, I almost feel that I should be 'practising what I preach' if that makes sense. I know that it isn't healthy for me to have a BMI of 30+ so I should be doing something about reducing it.

- I'm quite fashion concious and wish that I could wear clothes that I can't, purely due to my size. I also want to feel good when I go out with my friend's and not feel self-concious that everyone I'm out with is thinner than me. :eek:

- I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

That's enough self-indulgence for now. I weigh in every Wednesday evening at a friend's with 3 of my friend's and one of their Mum's, it's lovely, haha, we sit, chat, have a b*tch, weigh and drink diet coke. :cool:

Anyway, here's to a 100% week. And if you've read all of that, then thank you for stopping by. :)
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One day at a time, one step at a time
Hiya sweetie took me a while to find this. i saw it last night and never got around to commenting. I am sorry. I shall follow your diary and keep a check on you :D you are doing really well.

Anyway I need to follow your diary to nick your recipe ideas off you :D

keep up the good work
You seem to be dieting for the same motivations as me (well apart from the nursing thing), and its nice to find someone of a similar age. I am planning on going to university at the end of the summer and want to lose weight so that I dont feel fat next to the other people on my course.
I will keep popping back to have a check how you are doing, but for now, good luck and here's to 100%!
Charlotte xx
Thanks JackieN, I need people to keep an eye on me to be honest! Thanks for stopping by! I'll keep an eye on your diary too now. :D

Tillymax, I'll be sure to provide the odd BNS and leek recipe, haha, even though I seem to exist on weetabix and melon... It's yummy though so oh well!

And Drama_queenie thanks for your message, it's lovely to meet someone of a similar age to me on here - how old are you? :eek: :D What course are you starting in September? Although I love my course, part of me wishes I'd 'done' the university experience prior to doing this course as it's so intense that we never have time to join sports teams or even go to the SU bar! :eek:

Today has been *touch wood* a 100% day, I'll post my food diary later on after tea but I'm feeling good because myself and my Dad went to visit my Nan in Oxfordshire earlier, she always likes to go out for lunch so we asked her where she'd like to go and she said the Little Chef. :mad: Of all the places, I wasn't very happy at the prospect of going there as I had visions of greasy bacon and sausages totalling 27356 syns each however I was pleasantly surprised and had a jacket potato with baked beans, no butter and a small amount of grated cheese with a side salad. The side salad was just mixed leaves and some tomato but it was nice enough, I syned the cheese at 6 syns as there was hardly any and I'm a rebel, what can I say? ;)

So yeah, that was positive and then when I got home I decided to go swimming before all the people that work in offices finish work! I managed 30 lengths and only stopped about 3 times, which wasn't too bad. :D

Off to have a fruit tea at Costa with a friend shortly (I've used my HexA today so can't have a cheeky skinny cappucino!) And then home for tea consisting of a lamb shank with cabbage and runner beans. Yum!
Im 18, so am just starting my uni experience, going to study theatre! Am a bit worried about uni in terms of food, as Im not living on campus as it is only half and hour from my home, so am a bit worried about waiting around between lectures and being tempted!
Well done on the swimming, although I dont get to swim as often as I would like, I do find it to be one of the best exercises, so keep it up!
You seem to be dieting for the same motivations as me (well apart from the nursing thing), and its nice to find someone of a similar age.
And Drama_queenie thanks for your message, it's lovely to meet someone of a similar age to me on here!
I think they're trying to say we're old Jackie. Little do they know they're probably more grown up than the pair of us ;)
Old?!? Nobody mentioned old! Haha, at one of my Aqua fit classes I go to, you two (JackieN & Tillymax) would be considered as wee nippers! I'm the youngest and the second youngest lady is about 60!xxx
I've been naughty and weighed myself at home and they're showing a loss! :D But it's not official until weigh in tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me please!x
Well done on the loss :)
tillymax said:
How you doing? Are you still being good?
I have been awful since WI, apparently a 1lb loss means that you can eat anything you want for 3 days following weigh in. Ahem.

Trying very hard to stay 100% today, just been swimming and now off to Aldi to buy lots of vegetables for tea to go with the roast! Thanks for asking tillymax, I just need to focus!x

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