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Who am I kidding but myself?


S: 221lb C: 215lb G: 147lb BMI: 34.7 Loss: 6lb(2.71%)
Last week I posted about how I had lost a couple of pounds. I had lost 3lbs but when it came to my official weigh in on Monday, I had only lost 1lbs.
I was thinking to myself that I could just tell everyone on here that I had lost 3lbs as I was sure I could lose it by the next weigh in. If I did that, where would it end? If I lost 3lbs next week, it would look like I had only lost 1. Where would it stop?
And then I thought - who am I kidding? I know what it says, and I know I have you guys on here, but I am the only one that this really matters to. There is no point lying about my loss to you when it is obvious to myself.
I guess something else is to not weigh during the week. I only weighed middweek so things obviously changed.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest!
Thanks for listening.
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Hey, Biggirl. It took a lot of courage and honesty to say that. Same thing happened to me last week, and your right-stretching the truth doesn't make you any smaller. Just stick with it and you'll lose it. That's when it means something. Cheer up, you're doing great.

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It took a lot of guts to say that. I dont know why you're disappointed - you still lost! Its going in the right direction, please smile and remember that. There could be all sorts of reasons why there was a difference in your weight over those days. Onwards and Downwards! Good luck. X
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yes you're doing so great biggirl, and you're right the only person that you would've really been lying to was yourself. That's the most important person in our journey, ourselves! We've lived in denial most of us for too long, so our journey isn't just about weight loss but about discovering a new us! Having some belief in yourself and doing it because 'you' want to.

It's best to only weigh once a week, same day, same time (as you proabably know too well). It can be all too tempting to have a sneek peek to see how you're doing, but sticking to once a week gives us a better idea of weight loss. There can be so many factors that can cause differences, especially water retention for whatever reason.

You'll probably have a better loss next week. But at least it was still good, every pound counts!!
I admire your honest post. It is disapppointing when your weight fluctuates slightly. At the moment, I have stopped weighing myself and am going by dress sizes as weighing myself just affected my mood too much!

Good luck with next week

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