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Who ate all the pies?????

S: 19st1lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 5st9lb(29.59%)
that will be me :break_diet:
I have tried really hard over the past 2 months to stay motivated when my losses were not what I expected and at the weekend my Mother kindly handed in some mini pies and sausage rolls for the kids and OH to eat.
Well we had been decorating all week and had nowhere to sit and I was fed up and tried one pie, then before I knew it I had finished them. I felt awful. Maybe it was the blowout I needed to re-focus me, and I have been good since then and tried to vary my food a bit more so I don't get bored of it. Weigh in is tomorrow so hopefully it will not be too bad. I have written the number 12 on a piece of paper on my fridge to remind me that this is the number of lbs that I want to loose to change my stone number again. I will update it each week and hopefully it will only go down not up.
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Hopefully the little blow out will, as you say, refocuss you. It happens, none of us are saints and neither should we be. The important thing is to realise what has happened, understand the reason why and then move on. Its not the end of the world, today is the start of a new day and new resolutions. Just remind your mum that although her pies are lovely, you could do without the temptation right now lol.

Mrs V

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I agree with Charlottegrace1....tell your Mum no more pies until you feel strong enough to resist them!!!
Lol...as the others have said Hun...just draw a line under it all and gt back on plan.
I had an entire week off recently and it did me the world of good...Im back motivated more than ever and raring to go!
Good luck Hun and just think about how far you have come so far.


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Don't stress about it hun, you could have done a lot worse!

I got so drunk at the weekend I a; forgot to ask for diet coke with my vodka and b; fell and broke my nose!!! and my brothers wedding is on the 28th oops! I'm trying not to feel guilty about the syns (and nose and wedding photo diaster as I have 2 black eyes!!) x


I will succeed!!!
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You're human honey - we all (or most of us) will have had similar blow outs too. Hell, I have!!!

The thing to do now is draw a line under it and re-focus. Don't dwell on what happened, look to what CAN happen.

Write down why you joined and recall wha gave you that motivation. And once you're losing again you'll add to the motivation - stay happy xxxxxx
S: 14st0lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 1st5lb(9.69%)
Sticky that's a brilliant idea. I've bee really naughty already today but i've been going to the gym so much i feel like i can relax more which isn't true! I need a good kick and writing down why i joined in the first place is a brill idea.
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a few weeks ago I had a bit of a blow out - 3 multipack cornettos and a 47g galaxy chocolate bar. The next day I started anew with more motivation and at the end of the week I still lost 2.5lbs. My point is, that (for me at least), the occasional slip can be a good thing as it can reinvigorate you. so onwards and upwards. don't punish yourself, you're only human!
S: 19st1lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 5st9lb(29.59%)
Thanks for all the understanding replies, I do feel a lot better and keen to get back on track now. I have only put on 1/2 this week and I know I can easily change that back this week. I am going to spend some time planning to help get through this sticky patch. It is good to know we all support each other here no matter what - it means a lot. Thanks again.

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