Who has done Weight Watchers?


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Hey guys and gals,

Who on here has done WW in the past and how did you find it in comparison to SW?

Did you lose more/same/less weight each week?

Did you find it easier/harder/same as SW?

Im just interested as my friend is consistently losing on WW and i know im not back at class yet to check my progress but im interested in your feedback if you have any experiences of WW.

Thanks all :cool:
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Devon Dolce

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I've done WW in the past and personally it didn't work for me! However having said that, any plan works provided you're in the right frame of mind for it to work so I wouldn't say one is better over the other :flirt2: - however SW does fit better with mine and OH's lifestyle and I certainly feel as though this is a plan for life for me! I didn't ever really lose on WW, again personally, and didn't like the idea that I had to point fruit, having said that though a few years ago fruit on SW was synned so it's all swings and roundabouts! Good luck with whichever plan you go with xxx


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S: 19st2lb C: 11st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 7st13lb(41.42%)
Thanks Devon Dumpling.

Im defo sticking with SW!!! Im just interested to find out more as ive never done WW or know a lot of people who have done it.

Cant believe fruit used to be synned :eek:


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I have tried WW. I liked the fact that it is much easier to get your head round, but when you use all of your points up (if points is the right word, I must be going senile), it felt like you couldn't eat anything else. I would carry a post-it note stuck to my phone to count off the points but they would never last. At least with SW if all syns have been used, there is so much free food to eat. The other negative for WW is the limited carbs, as I love pots, pasta and rice, but they use lots of the point allowance up. I lost about 10 or 11lbs before I lost interest.


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I have done WW and much prefer SW. I didn't lose much on WW as I found counting points too restrictive and I was always hungry, so lost interest.

I love that SW allows you to eat unlimited fruit, meat and carbs - it seems a much more 'normal' way to eat and fits in better with family life now I have a toddler.


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ive done ww twice and i lost 2 stone (but i re put it back on) i constantly lived on ww meals with extra veg, and ate ww cakes, so wasnt very healthy really
i cant comment on sw yet as i joined class today, but it seems mad with what you can eat on EE , so il let you know how i get one and what my verdict is next week lol

my anty and mother in law lost a lot! of weight on WW.

depends if you can handle just livin off points and WW products in my eyes.

i found it hard due to my b/f had more points and trying to caiter for us both i found hard

hope that helps


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I've done both and see WW as way more restricting as SW. SW is for people who don't want to think there on a diet!
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I've done ww in the past but must say that i prefer sw. WW used to do a plan called 'core' which is v similar to the extra easy plan but they stopped doing it and concentrated more on points and even though they still had core (chnged to simply filling) i felt there wasn't much support for those who wanted to continue with core/simply filling, hence why i joined sw as i need the support.
But as in previous posts each plan works differently for different people, i find sw works for me as i don't feel i am on a diet as such just teaches you to eat healthier.


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I've tried both as well and I really didn't enjoy WW points. I found it all incredibly stressful trying to calculate points for meals. It was a real pain in the butt trying to cook for the family and then try to figure out how many points in my portion! And then there was the confusion of 1 tsp of something being 1 point and 2 tsp being 2.5 points and I would never know how many points to allocate if I had a tsp everyday! Should I count 1 point everyday or total the 7 tsps for the week and calculate that??? Aaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!! Needless to say I didn't last very long on it. I didn't even lose any weight, so it really wasn't worth the immense hassle!

However when they came out with the core program I found that MUCH better and lost weight successfully on it. I really enjoyed it actually as its almost identical to SW extra easy but I decided to join SW because the groups are so much more fun and lively and the SW board here is a lot more active than WW!


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I did weightwatchers and although it does work for lots of people, I used to find that I would eat all my points by lunchtime and I really didn't have the patience to point everything in my meals, so ended up eating a lot (and I mean a lot) of ready meals - not really ideal.

In addition, I have a big appetite and slimming world caters for that and suits me so much better.


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ended up eating a lot (and I mean a lot) of ready meals - not really ideal.

I totally agree with you on this, I found that WW points seemed to encourage eating lots of packaged meals, just for the ease of maths! I prefer fresh home cooked meals and found it impossible to enjoy so I would have easily quantifiable dinners like beans on toast etc which DH was not pleased about lol. I love that SW is all about homecooking and healthy, family friendly meals!


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depends if you can handle just livin off points and WW products in my eyes

You dont have to eat any WW products when youre on WW you most certainly dont have to live off them!!!!!

I've done both and see WW as way more restricting as SW. SW is for people who don't want to think there on a diet!

Thats funny I see it the exact opposite... I found SW very restrictive but see WW as a much easier way to lose weight and dont see it as a diet at all


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I have lost over 9 stone with ww. I love it.

Only problem is, when I got to goal, I was given an extra 6 points. And now I want to lose another few lbs, I know I would struggle without those 6 points. Therefore I am doing sw for a few weeks to see how that goes. I am absolutely loving it!

I was getting fedup weighing/measuring and pointing everything.

The only thing that concerns me about sw is that they seem to encourage you to eat so much, ww encourages you to eat until comfortably full and then stop. But then maybe they tell you that at a sw class too? I only went to a few classes, when I was preg.

Oh and lastly, I had to stop ww while preg - but you can do sw - that says a lot I think about which is healthier!!!! Thats why I am swaying back towards sw again, for maintenance.


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SW encourages you to eat to satisfaction not to gorge. A popular phrase they use is "variety and everything in moderation" so in my opinion if people are eating 500g packets of pasta with 3 tins of beans then that's just abusing the plan. I think SW focuses on the generous portions because its positive and more encouraging that going on about what we can't have.

I do agree with you that pointing is definitely not a natural way to eat. The way I see it is, can you point your food forever? I know I can't, which is one of the reasons why I couldn't cope.


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I have done both, i lost more weight with ww,but actually find that sw suits my lifestyle better,but the losses slower. I guess everyone is different.
i stopped dieting completely early dec -just felt i needed a break from it all. Have gone completely off the rails but am now ready to restart.
i am going to start back with ww just because i think it does give me more portion control and i think i need that to begin with,but am failry sure i will end up back with sw further along the road.

Dont know if this helps at all but shows both angles


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I did WW but was always hungry & found it a bit too much mucking around with too much weighing. I did lose weight though
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Different diets work for different people and WW does have a lot of fans and success stories but it didn't work for me. I was hungry all the time and the fruit thing is annoying, my mentality was why 'waste' 1.5 points on a banana when I can have a WW choc cake!

WW is good if you have problems with portion control and don't mind the weighing and measuring. For me, my issues with food are mainly quality not quantity so SW is ideal for me in encouraging lots of fruit, veg, lean meat, wholemeal pasta etc. I would never just go and boil up a bowl of pasta, just for the sake of it, and I don't pile my plate full of free food, just because I can. I can see why this may be an issue for some people, but if you've got a big appetite, better to pile it up with healthy stuff, hey?

I agree with others in that SW fits into family life very easily which is why it works for me. It's taken trying various other diets for me to realise that SW is my diet as I'm sure there are people who've flirted with SW / Atkins but gone back to WW as it works for them.

Whichever plan you follow though, the head stuff has to be right; if you're not 100% in the zone and want to lose weight for the right reasons, you're setting yourself up to fail.