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Who have you told you are slimming?

The only person I've told is my boyfriend. Mostly because over the holidays we've been eating lunch together so I had to adapt, but party because I tell him most things.

In the past I've never shared to anyone when I've been on a diet because I've always been embarrassed, like I'm admitting I have a problem.

I guess I'm asking this because my boyfriend told his mum. I know he had the best intentions (he didn't want me to feel like I was being forced to eat a meal that didn't coincide with SW) but it really upset me. I just don't want the attention really. Every sunday lunch from now on will be an issue and I didn't want it to be.
Plus she's the kind of person who shares. And therefore, soon a lot of people will know.

Sorry for rambling on.
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I didnt tell many people, only people I felt 'needed' to know, my parents and my pal.

Most of my reason was it was my 10,000,000 attempt at a diet and I didnt want people thinking 'oh here we go again' but it was mostly because I didnt want the pressure of other people knowing.

People seem to think diets = salad and as you know doing a diet like SW or WW youre eating loads and I didnt want people doing the whole 'should you be eating that' which I knew would come.

I told noone and waited until people started noticing. Even now, when people know Im totally focussed I still get comments if I have a McDonalds or something at dinner at work 'Is that on your diet' :rolleyes:

I can totally see why you want to keep it quiet.

Can you speak to your OH's mum and explain to her how you feel just now and ask her to keep it quiet?
I don't mind who knows personally, but totally understand your feelings. :) As Starlight says I'm sure people think here we go again with me, but I don't let that bother me. Personally I think it helps me if people know as I'm less likely to cheat then for embarrasment sake if that makes sense.
I'm like starlight been on that many diets best not to tell anyone. Not sure how many weeks it was before OH knew I was at WW and he only realised as I had a WW bag. Every one on here knew cos I told them

Irene xx
Can you speak to your OH's mum and explain to her how you feel just now and ask her to keep it quiet?
Thing is, he told her himself not to say anything. Then when we were getting lunch she said "you on a diet?" and I almost cried right then.
In the past she's shared things she's been told to keep quiet. She's told me things that her daughter asked her not to tell anyone.


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Everyone knows I'm doing SW now. It helps me keep to it because if I started eating chocolate at work they'd all know I'd failed. My mum sounds like your boyfriend's mum, she tells things to complete strangers, it's because she doesn't really have a life of her own so she has to talk about everyone else's. It's very annoying but I'm used to it after all these years. She's also a 'feeder' so whenever I see her she'll offer me biscuits and cakes and tells me I need some fat and sugar. Try to take no notice of her and stick to your eating plan no matter what she tells you. Do you go to hers for dinner every Sunday? If she insists on sticking naughty things on your plate just leave them and she'll get the message eventually.


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When I started I too was a little embarrassed like you said. Once my weight loss was becoming obvious and I realised I was totally on the right path I started to tell people. Anyone who asked really, if they asked how I lost the weight I would tll them. Mr Taz told his parents and at first it was really embarrassing if the subject was raised at the table but as his sister had done SW some years before his mum is really good about using fry light instead of oil and cooking the SW way so in that way it's been a real help. Maybe you could try getting his mum to cook more healthily for the whole family?
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i dont mind telling anyone but i dont shout it out to everyone, the reaction i mainly get is why are you on a diet you dont need to loose weight until i tell people i have lost a stone and they are usually quite surprised. my family are pretty rubbish whenever i go round my dad always says things like oh but this is HEALTHY fat you can have this and always adds stuff i cant have and claims it will be fine. all the people at the jacket potato shop i go to on a lunch time know and they even weigh my cheese and meat for me :p

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