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Who is your favorite tv chef?

I have been watching some Nigella Express and have to say I am completely shocked by the amount of oil she uses. Some of her foods does look lovely, but I often sit there with open mouth while she pours all this oil on, thinking it really doesnt need it.

I am a real fan though of Asian food and love Ching He Huang http://www.chinghehuang.com/. She is definately one of my favs.
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I love her Chinese food in minutes show it all looks so easy. I guess it would be easy enough to work around SW with less oils and sauces. I adore Chinese and I'm really missing it but I'm not very creative. I really should try.


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has to be james martin for me, but he uses so much butter
the food network and the good food channel are the most watched channels in our house , we are all passionate cooks which is one of the reasons im overweight lol !

I find it hard to pick 1 chef I love Rachel Ray but that said I think Rick Stein is class as is valentine warner, hugh fearnley whittingstall. ah i cant pick one I have hundreds and hundreds of cook books and have ones by the majority of well known current TV chefs


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I think a lot of Nigellas food is not day to day food so I tend only to do dinner party stuff from her books.

I love Jamie Oliver, his food can be easily SW'd, also Valentine Warner is good for rustic hearty cooking. I love James Martin but for other, more carnal reasons.


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I've been lucky to eat a a few great chefs restaurants. Theo Randall is the king of Italian and his food is to die for, Rick Stein's food is fantastic especially when he does the French Classics and Mark Hix is stunning. I agree that they do over do the oil dressings and butter is in everything.

But the King whom I never got the chance to visit his restaurant but refer to his cook books a lot (well when not on s/w) is Keith Floyd.



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Gotta be the barefoot consessa!!

i watch her all the time on food channel proper home cooking done well yum yum


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I love Ching! I have her latest book and everything I've tried has been delicious! I'm addicted to sechuan peppercorns!
I didn't like Thomasina Miers when she won Masterchef, but her Mexican food made easy is equally wonderful, if not quite as SW friendly!
HFW I love for river cottage , but not his food.
I don't know if Yotam Ottolenghi is on TV but his food is sublime! And alot of it vegetarian. We had a wonderful butterbean and pepper salad at lunchtime. (windy city tonight!)
My favourite would probably have to be Reza Mahammad! He's a sweetie! Tends to use loads of oil tho. I got his book for peanuts on the book people a few years ago.
Oh and I love Anjum Anand! And the Hairy Bikers, and Ken Hom!!!!!!Daredn't count my cook books!


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I have Chings book as well, she is awesome!! I also use 'Big Kev, Little Kev's book a lot too. I have a few Jamie Oliver books.

I also love Gordon Ramsay (not literally..lol :p) and Ainsley Harriet.

I watch food network a lot when there's nothing on as I love to get ideas.


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I love James Martin but for other, more carnal reasons.
Jaylou - I quite agree with you ;) He (and his food!) are yummy! xx
Heston Blumenthal - he makes me laugh, and he is so clever.

And Nigella Lawson - I will love her for ever for her rocky road recipe, even though I can only allow myself to make it twice a year (once for the family at Christmas, once as a birthday present for my favourite young man!).

I also love Raymond Blanc. His recent television series was brilliant.

When I was very young, Fanny Craddock's programmes taught me to cook. I recently saw some repeats on television and had to laugh at how old fashioned it all was - we would simply never cook like that any more - but at the time she was a huge influence on me.

And I must mention Delia Smith, because over the years she has taught me so much.


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OMG how to pick!

For recreating recipes I love Jamie - I've got all his books and have made so many of his recipes, which are easily adapted for SW

For amusement value it has to be Floyd - he is a true legend and I was very sad when he passed away last year

I love Rick Stein for his passion about British food, and I loved Chalky - my favourite TV dog. Again I was very sad when he went to doggie heaven

I think Valentine Warner has an amazing appetite for food - every mouthful he eats is as if it's the first time he's ever eaten!

And Saturday Kitchen is my fave show in the world - I LOVE James Martin, and all his guest chefs in particular Tom Kitchen, Jason Atherton, Ken Hom and Michelle Roux snr

Oh and everyone else - Delia (amazing what she did for budding cooks over so many decades!), Nigella (I want to be her), Heston (I loved his feasts series - how I would love to enter an edible gingerbread house!), Barefoot Contessa etc etc I could go on


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Raymond Blanc - pure genius, class and entertainment. Ze man ees a legend.

Rachel Allen - very clear, and easy to follow recipes. Good home cooking.

And because I watch it so often with my girls, Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small. Dreadful, cheesy and slightly annoying but somehow essential viewing (especially for the under 5's!). ;)



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Goodness how long have you got.

I admire most of today's top chefs and love the food channel.

However after going to see a demonstration by Gordon Ramsey when I was in England last year, I am totally bewitched. His food was superb, easy to prepare and he was so funny. He actually managed to avoid the f word most of the time as his mum was in the audience.

Nigella is a favourite and her 24 hour pork is to die for. I love her passion and her enjoyment of food.

The Hairy Bikers are compulsive watching .Though I do not always like their food, I always like them.

The Two Fat Lady's were brilliant and so posh.

Ken Hom , brilliant and easy to follow.

AWT a great favourite, would love to meet him.

So many that I respect and admire.


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Gotta be the barefoot consessa!!

i watch her all the time on food channel proper home cooking done well yum yum

I love this programme too, Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa.

Her recipes and cooking are delightful, she is so laid back and her food is so delicious, I think her hubby is great too - love these programmes.


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I LOVE Nigel Slater and his programme 'Nigel slaters simple suppers' - very quick and easy and very SW friendly!

But for the likability factor

GINO D'CAMPO!!!!!!!! Love him!

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