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Who needs food when you've got Eurovision?

...not keen on the French woman and the Sweedish woman couldn't be more stereotypically scandanavian if she tried. But you've got to love Eurovisioon when there's nothing better to do on a Saturday evening.

If anyone else is bored like me, please comment of just how awful some of these songs are!!

Missing Tel though...
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Jo B

Full Member
Now fake Ronan was just weird!!
Ronan was a bit odd yes. Quite likke Malta although Graham was a bit naughty with his comments!
Portugal left me with a warm feeling inside!!


Silver Member
Malta brilliant but how bad were Germany?? x


Playing the Angel
Germany had Dita tho, and oh gosh I aspire to be her!! infact when I get to goal, I am sooo going for lessons in burlesque dancing ;P The little Norweigian boy was quite cute ;P



Silver Member
Not liking Ukraine, but wouldn't mind her figure!! x
she was SCARY!! can't imagine any man being able to keep her in check!


I Can Do This!
I really liked Norways entry :p.


I Can Do This!
Anyone watch the UK Eurovision selection? I am convinced it was a put up job - Jade appeared as a finalist without having been seen in the auditions.

Jo B

Full Member
I thought the UK was not too bad - at least she can hold a tune!
Favourites so far are Norway, Malta and Portugal
Portugal and Malta so far for me. Not too sure about Norway, felt he yelled the whole thing!
Come on, catch up BL!! xx
As for the worst? I'm still going to say France. Almost fell asleep listening to it!
Best dance of the night was definielty the guys from Moldova. Was exhausted just watching them!


I Can Do This!
..Norway running away with it! He was very cute :D.
I thought he looked a bit like a Hobbit x
I loved Portugal.

I thought Jade was going to be knocked out by the violinist though, she might have a nasty bruise in the morning.

She sang the song very well, even though it's dull as dishwater :rolleyes:
Yes, it's not exactly a lively tune is it? She was good though.
Am I the only one who really doesn't like the Norwegian tune? It is CHEESE (sorry for metioning food lol) though so you can understand why it's winning!