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Who says my breath smells.

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Hi everyone,
I'm sticking to the diet okay, the problem I have is that my wife who is diabetic and as such can't do the diet is saying that my breath smells, not bad but bad enough.

I brush my teeth twice a day, floss and use Listerene mouth wash, but she says it still smells even after brushing.

My teeth and dental hygiene is great and I had a dental check up last week with no problems.

I am stubborn and can stick to the diet but what do you suggest for the breath as gum is not allowed or breath spray.

I have started drinking peppermint tea, hope that helps.

I also have one more question, Can I use curry powder to make the soup taste better:sigh:?
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Hiya bellyman,

The thing is my breath has been fine, yes it smells but that is expected as there is not alot of activity going on but my husband has not said anything because he knows that if it is then it is because of the diet also I try not to get too close to people. If I am going to get up and personal with my husband then I make sure that I use listerine just before I do. I think as your wife does not want you on this diet she has started to point out the bad things to make you want to stop. This is the vibe I am getting from your previous post aswell.

With the breath you are doing as much as anyone on here. Also there are listerine strips but they are hard to find. You might want to read some old posts on Bad Breath as someone had posted the details of where you can get it. About the curry powder, people on the diet are using it but I am not sure if it is allowed, it must be if alot of people are using it.


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oh i used a breath spray.was told it was ok as long as no alcohol in it.also was told the same about using any mouthwash.i use corsadil mint.had a bad breath problem last time i tried LT and only lasted 3 days because of it.dont seem to be a problem for me this time though x also make sure your drinking enough water x


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You're not allowed to add anything to the soup I'm afraid. Some people do and although they may lose weight it is NOT allowed on LT so I think it's best to advise not to add anything :)

Good luck - just keep brushing loads, (teeth and tongue) and flossing and using mouthwash regularly too. I'm single so haven't had to deal with all the up close and personal stuff I'm afraid.


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Keep drinking water....for the first few days it will taste vile (your breath I mean), but I havent really had a problem since, apart from when I have the soup. the taste seems to linger for some reason, even if I brush my teeth/tongue.

Just keep brushing.....it will get a little better and hopefully disappear and you wont notice it.

With Elle on not adding anything..if you read your plastic bag that was given to you, you will see what you are allowed, which isnt much! I personally dont add, as I just dont want to jeopardise my weight loss. May not, but I am just not prepared to take the risk.

My husband does tell me from time to time that my breath smells (after the soup) and I just go and clean, clean, clean.

Hope you are doing ok by the way!

Take care


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The problem is that the smell come sfrom ur stoamch not your mouth so no matter how much u will brush them u will still smell! I had it really really bad the first couple of weeks but it just fades, well at least ppl come closer to me again :)

Just drink plenty of water and peppermint tea and tell ur wife that it will not take long in order for it to go away! You can get the strips in the pharmacy, well they sell them here, they are pretty cool if u need a quick fix. They just disolve in ur mouth and apart from that nothing except of the ORIGINAL LISTERINE (which tastes horrible) is allowed.

I had to chew a chewing gum there couple of weeks ago as i was just about to go in for an interview and they don't sell the strips everywhere so I was forced to eat a chewing gum and BANG, I didn't lose anything and was starving for the rest of the week, as i dropped out of Ketosis and took 3 days to get back in.

You will manage! :)

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