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Whoop Whoop week one down.

hey, well done you. 6lbs is great for the first week. do you feel any different? ie. more energetic, skin glowing etc.
ive been doing ok, had a bit of a bad weekend food ways, but thats ok, cuz i got proposed to this weekend, so i allowed myself to "pig out" hehe. definatley going on super diet now for my engagment party and wedding. haha.

keep going hun. xx


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WOW! well done!

6lb is terrific!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


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Well done! 6lbs is fab!!

As for me...well as you'll see from my ramblings in my diary, I have no idea!! As I am not weighing myself again until my dieting deadline....29th November (my birthday).
Aw thanks all:) Dani if I'm honest no I actually feel worse.My skin is bad it's not normally but I guess that's because of all the toxins coming out. I hope I start feeling good soon though.Congratulations on your engagement! That's fantastic news and a good reason to have a day or two off the wagon!:D
haha munky I meant to say good luck lol.

Erm Miss I'm following a diet plan and part of that is not to go over 1000 cals a day so each day varies. some days my cal intake was maybe 600cals? and the others 800-900cals per day. I haven't excerised this week as I'm still getting used to this diet. I might starting going for a walk or something next week. How are you getting on?
That's AMAZING well done! I need more info about how you did it, as I have lost nothing this week and it's my first week:cry:
well i was supposed to take it slow but that's ridiculous! think I need to go a bit lower in calories somehow.
Well done again x
You only pay for the tablets a months supply is £63 I believe. I have three different types. one for breakfast, one for lunch and dinner and one to curb sweet cravings.



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Do you think it's the tablets that really make the difference to your being able to follow the plan without giving in to cravings and being hungry?
Can you just order them, or do you need to get an appointment and do it properly?

Sorry for the quick-fire questions!
Well I have to admit I've taken tablets before and they have always had the reverse effect. I always end up eating loads more lol. Personally I'm finding it very good I'm always hungry even when on cd or ll but I'm finding this to be very good.The only side effects I am getting is a dry mouth so I'm drinking like 4 litres a day lol

You need to go and see them. They weigh and measure you and get you to talk about what you normally eat etc and then they decide if you can have the tablets and also what type of tablets you can have.

I only decided to do this diet after 3 girls in my office have done it and have lost several stones in weeks. I prefer it at least I'm finally learning to eat better.



Warning-Contains Nuts
It sounds really good, but I've not really got much left to lose so I'm not sure I've got the motivation to go sign up for it all properly!!
I just thought the tablets might help me through the last little bit of my calorie counting. At the moment I seem to be accidentally doing the JUDDD method.... behaving one day, and then going over the next!
Well good luck Munky. I'm hopeing to be at goal within 4 weeks are you calorie counting too? what are your intake cals? I try not to go over 1000.

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