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Whoops! Had a slip-up!


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The turkey breast is fine. The cheese I'm not so sure about but even if it does throw you out of ketosis it will be for a very minimal amount of time, if any.
I dont think cheese takes you out of ketosis, as i have cheateed a few times with it lol, its just calories. Don't worry about it, new day tomorrow :)
the thing with me was i always thought "if your gona be bad be good at it" so i'd eat a chinese or mc'ds which was like being a diet criminal! U don't seem to have slipped up too bad just a small trip! keep up the great work!
Dont think a cheese slice is going to touch your ketosis ..i stuffed a cube of cheese in my mouth without even thinking early on in my TS and it didnt do any harm at all...Bad habits are hard to get round sometimes i think lol..I chomped on it and swallowed then realised what i had done..pure habit and not hunger ..wot a plonker xx

Good luck with ya WI xxx


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you'll be grand, as both are protein - whether or not you are in ketosis is not a determinant of how much weight you lose (ketosis suppresses your appetite) so it's the calorie intake which is important - I doubt a slice of turkey and a cheese slice are that calorific (remember you need 3500 calories more than you use to gain 1lb of weight). Drink more water, have a walk and keep focussed on the task in hand ;)

Onwards and downwards,


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Thanks so much for the info everyone! I just saw the turkey sitting there and simply HAD to have it! Must get more willpower!!!! x Still, hanging in there, haven't rung for fried chicken or pizza just yet!!! :)
I know what the habit thing is like, I was cooking the kids' tea tonight and nearly reached out for some potato. Stopped in time lol


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Sorry Starlight! I didn't know but I do now! x


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Aww hun I'm sure you will be fine. I ate loads of rubbish fat and carbs when I had my blip. I feel great now and it is behind me.

Do not worry just keep moving forward and you will get there.

Best of luck Catt xxx


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Thanks Catt!!! Onwards and downwards from today! :) x
Hi I hope your managing to get back on track ... its hard but worth it and I'm sure this was just a little blip ;)

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