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Whos addicted to "Cheeky Weigh ins"?


Fat Fighter!!!!
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:sigh: I am. I don't weigh myself every day or anything but on a Wednesday I like to see how good I have done so far since my Thursday weigh ins.
My aim is to hit 3lb a week and I know I have done that already this week :D Can't wait till weigh in tomorrow. I was all worried that going out on Friday night would really make me put on! So in 28 days I have lost 18lbs! Oh by the way my scales are to be trusted, they cost a bloody fortune lol
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I'm totally addicted. I weigh myself EVERY morning and EVERY night. Its not good, but I honestly cannot stop myself. I once got my hubby to hide our scales, but knew where he hid them and got them back......I know I know....I'm very sad!!!

In my defence though, they say the best maintainers weigh themselfs daily....so once you finish the diet, its good to keep an eye on your weight.


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i usually do it 2-3 times a week but this week i have been an angel and not weighed myself!


Fat Fighter!!!!
S: 15st6lb C: 13st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 2st2lb(13.89%)
lol Shazpaz, I told my other half the other day to take them to work with him (Just leave them in his work van) and bring them home again every Tuesday night ready for me to have a cheeky weigh in on the Wed morn! I would be too scared to weigh in every day, cos If I see the same weight for like 3 days running I'd give up! I always weigh myself just after I have got up and had a wee though!


My husband = My hero
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Im a good girl and wait til my Weigh in's haha

ner nerrr ;)

kjus kiddin ladies, but i do wait til my WI, i find i get a bigger surprise and by the time it comes round i really need a boost to get me through another week!



Fat Fighter!!!!
S: 15st6lb C: 13st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 2st2lb(13.89%)
I keep challenging myself not to, but just can't resist! I play guessing games. Was sooo pleased this morning cos I was 2lb out!
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Last time i was lipoing......i would weigh when i got up, have a wee, then weigh, have a shower, then weigh, go to work, come home, weigh, make food for the family, have a wee, then weigh........oo my gawd im a WEIGHTIST!!!!! lol
No wonder the batteries never last in our scales........its me!!!


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i am also addicted to weighing myself, i weigh myself first thing in the morning


Slowly but surely!
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I want to weigh myself every day but talk myself out of it as I know if I dont see a loss I may be tempted to eat lol I also want a nice little suprise each week lol
I have weighed myself both days i've been on this diet! And I've lost 2lbs per day! But I'm not going to weigh myself again now, for some reason my 1st week weigh in is on fri - thats only 5 days since I started... oh well! x


Gone fishing
I always weighed myself twice a day when I was on Cambridge. I can't see the problem, or why it's considered a no-no on various forums :confused:

I suppose, it does depend on whether the result depresses you, or if you are so pleased with the loss, it makes you eat, but for me it never made any difference to how I did the plan that day. So I guess it's what works for you.

I find it fascinating seeing how my body changed. No guilt attached. All a learning process.

I still weigh daily as that's what's recommended for maintenance :clap:


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On other diets ive done i have!
and shouldnt have coz are scales are crazy!
I havent compared my weight at home to that at the pharmacy so i have no idea and plan to keep it like that otherwise i may weigh myself one week on our wacko scales probably put a lb on and then that would be me out the window! x


Here we go again!
I weigh most mornings too. Whatever the result is doesn't really bother me though cos I know I only go by the wi result on a Saturday morning. Just habit I guess. I forgot once last week and was gutted that I didn't weigh.


Doing it for my girls!
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I'll put my hands up...I'm a compulsive weigher! I weigh every morning and every night, I just can't help it!!

Claire xx


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I weigh in morning and night, wish i didn't but cant help it. It does give me an incentive to carry on if i have lost but the other day i was a pound heavier and was gutted! I knew it was probably water retention and would go the next day but it did leave me in a bit of a mood!!

cawisu xx


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I weigh in every day on my wii! it measures tiny changes in BMI so keeps me motivated!


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Iv not been tempted to do it so far but not sure i will make it to the end of the first week lol

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
I weigh at least once a day!
Never been tempted at all your weight fluctuates from day to day so I wouldn't want the dissapointment of finding I lost one day and put on the next, my scales are gathering dust.
I do it without thinking now - first thing in the morning! But not sure if I can really trust my scales, they're saying i've lost 8lbs in 3 days?? Its a good boost to carry on, but might be a bit gutted come weigh in day if I haven't lost as much as I think! hmm x

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