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Who's coming on the board over Christmas?

Hi I've just joined the forum and am hoping to find it useful. The idea of being able to come on and talk to people facing the same obstacles over christmas appeals...we can do it!
I'll be on more than ever for two reasons;
1 - I'm on hols so will have more free time
2 - I always come on when I need motivation and inspiration. I reckon I'll need your help over Christmas with all the temptations around!

Well, after getting drunk and inviting every wastrel punk in Cambridge to my house for christmas day last night I have a feeling that the laptop will be put away in the bedroom for the day.
I'll be here...... doing my food diary and seeing how everyone is getting on :) Either that or I'll be on here wanting some help myself ;) xxx

You definitely wont be talking to yourself hun xxx
I may have to come on here in order to get away from the sheer madness in the madhouse. :eek:

I always think that i am a gnats whisker away from being arrested for murder of serious assault on xmas day. I love xmas, i really do, but now and again...let's just say family members can occasionally test one's patience. :cool:


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I'll be here! Even if it's only to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I plan to have the big day off but will add up and post my flexible syns :eek:
I'll be at some point no doubts. I love Christmas but hate spending it away from everyone as it's just like a normal day for us really.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Oh I'll be on here all the time. I use internet on my phone so with one push of a button I'm on Minimins!

(I'm so impatient, put our tree up!) Xx
Our tree is up, the decs are not...yet. My dd's went to see Santa today at a garden centre and came back giddily wanting to get the tree up.

Bless. :)

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