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Who's still juddding???

With juddders leaving us :cry::cry::cry: (bye bye peeps :wave_cry:) I just wondered who is still here plodding on juddding along? It has gone a bit quiet on this board over the past few days. So let us know how you're getting on if you're still here :wavey:
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Yes Jelly I know you're still here hun :sigh: (hahaha only kidding, love ya really!), I was just wondering where everybody else was???
I know, do we smell Jelly??? Lol!
Good luck with it Ceri, yes quite normal to gain after cd so stick with it hun x


Wants to do this!
channy's still here battling on. Had a down day today. Bran flakes and milk 160, slim soup 60, crisps 125, 0.5 banana 50 and low fat cottage cheese salad


aka Hope Over Experience!
Day One DD Yikes!

Hello folks, found your forum and registered. Pleased to be here and see your posts. I could not sleep two nights ago and so I read cover to cover The Alternate Day Diet book. Fascinating. I brought it with me on a work trip expecting to read a few pages but could not put it down. The science is right on and very exciting. I 'had' to eat yesterday as there were lots of work meals but am on my own today so here I start... Good luck to us all! Will update profile later.
Hi Guys,

Well i am still here, and i lost 2lb this week, but i've now decided to start calorie counting. I go to the gym or a class every day, and a couple of the classes are really high intensity, and i'm finding on down days i'm really shaky and feel quite ill afterwards, and i'm using alot of my cals for breakfast to get me through the class, but then also needing more after the class. But thanks so much for all your support, and goodluck with your judddering! Still loving minimins though so will be around :) xxxx
Hello Hoe, welcome to juddding and good luck with it. let us know how you're getting on :)

Jess, sorry to see you go hun but totally understnd if you're exercising every day. I couldn't imagine exercising like that on a down day. I just joined the gym but plan to only do classes/cardio work on an up day. If I go up there on a down day I'll stick with a swim I think. Will wait until exercising on down days until I put my cals up a bit. Good luck with calorie counting and let us know how you get on x
Thank you for the welcome. BTW my username stands for HopeOverExperience :)
That's really cool :) Enjoy your juddding!
Hi JUDDDers, As you know I'm no longer one of you but I'm still your friend and my book is in the post so I might re-join you again soon! Good luck new people!


aka Hope Over Experience!
Hello fellow Judddders. It's going well but I am only at the beginning so will know more in a few weeks no doubt. I am being very strict with myself and having only 200-300 cals on down days and calorie counting too on up days. But I have a fair amount to lose (3 stone or more) and would like to make a big dent in that in the next four weeks. Calorie counting on up days is really against the whole philosophy of ADD but it will be a way to stop me going overboard on up days and if it gets too restrictive I will ease up. I also realise I may lose a lot of water in the first few days at these levels so am trying to keep the fluids up. I feel well and energised and not really hungry. I like to save most of my cals till evening which is the worst time for me and there is research also to show that one meal a day is no worse and perhaps better than spread meals. But we are all different so our tolerance is varied. Good luck to you all and thanks for the welcome.

PS Fantastic weight loss Broxi - and in 6-7 weeks Congrats! I note we are about the same height so you give me hope! How do you insert WL Tickers etc? Take care all.
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Glad it's going well so far Hoe. I also calorie count most up days, yes it is against what they say but I know if I didn't I'd be worried about eating too much. Plus the first couple of weeks after coming off slimfast I wasn't used to eating that much so found cc helped me eat enough lol! I also tend to save my cals for the eve. leave it as long as poss to eat on a dd, usually around lunchtime, but sometimes not until 4pm. Are you going to keep a diary in the juddd diary section so we can all see how you're doing?

Good luck x


aka Hope Over Experience!
Hi Stirky, Thanks for the message and support. Yes I might keep a diary if I can find it... not an experienced blogger yet! Hoe x
Hi Hoe, Sorry to disappoint but my weight loss was on Cambridge Sole Source not JUDDD but I couldn't keep that up, but apparently losses are really good on JUDDD too.

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