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Why arebn't the scales moving (in the right direction)


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I have been soooo good this week. I have never been this good, gym 4 times this week and really pushing myself and not going over my syns. The scales vary between staying the same and gaining. I am so hoping that they are broken. I know I shouldn't keep weighing myself but I can't help it. I just feel like :cry: and if i don't get a good loss i think I may as well pack it in. I don't want to be fat anymore but i also don't want to try so bloody hard and not get anywhere.

Roz x
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Right babes 101 questions time.....

Are you eating enough Free food- (not superfree) So on a green day are you packing in the potatos/pasta/beans etc... On a red all the meat etc...

Are you drinking enough....

Is the excerise yr doing fat burning or muscle building....

Are you eating the same things... Get some new stuff in there... Try some new things....

And more importantly....

Remember that you wanna loose weight and if you give up in time you will be back too trying too loose weight again- but if you keep going even if its half a pound each week- Thats still a loss and it will soon add up....


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On a green day (which I don't do very often) I will mainly have a jacket potato with tuna as a healthy extra and salad and quorn sausages with pasta. Red days i mainly stick to meat and salad and eggs, sausages, bacon etc for dinner. I am doing 40 mins cardio at the gym and 20 mins weights so I'm doing my fair share of both and only started this 3 weeks ago. I have been increasing my times on the cross trainer in particular and am very sweaty when i finish plus my heart rate is through the roof so that must be fat burning. I quite often drink 2-3 litres of water every day, the weight should be falling off me.

I know i won't really give up (not yet anyway) but I'm so disheartened today that I've had binge so thats put paid to any loss this week. Thanks for your reply and the rep comments :) don't know whether that will show up coz I'm using quick reply.

Roz x


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Don't give up Roz, you have lots going on at the moment so it will be hard. At the gym you should concentrate on the CV stuff and not the weights. Weights will only build muscle which will weigh more. You say your scales are fluctuating, When are you weighing yourself? If it's when you come
back from the gym that could be your answer. When I come back from karate/kickboxing I weight at least 2lb more than before I went but in the morning it will be back to normal. It's just because of the amount of water I drink when I'm there.
Dont give up rolo honey you are doing well, you sound like you doing the right thing, eating well and excercise try a bit more speed fruit. grapefruit melon strawberries eat lots of them xx:D

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