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Why did i do it :-(

I feel really bad now!

I have been on sw for 5 weeks and got my 1 stone last night. I have been so good and not cheated once.

Well today I have been up since half 4 as had to take my 6 week old baby girl to hospital for a small operation. It is also my birthday and I have cheated for the first time :-( I picked my 3 yr old up from nursery and couldn't be bothered cooking properly for just us 2 as daddy is in work till midnight, so I have just eaten 4 small fish cakes with potato wedges and a massive slice of cake..

I can't believe how guilty I feel and it wasn't really worth it.. Hope this doesn't spoil things for the week!!!
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Don't beat yourself up Hollie. As my consultant said, if you go off plan for a meal, it is only 1 meal out of a week of 21 meals. Don't let it ruin your momentum, you've lost 14lb's which is fantastic!! Accept it as a high syn meal and go straight back to plan. We've all been there, no need to feel guilty :)


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im sure it wont. I imagine you ahve gone over your syns today but its done. Stick to plan 100% and get as much Super free food in as you can for the next week and I am sure you will have a loss next week. WELL DONE on your 1 stone award :D Dont punish yourself, move one and keep going as you are doing great!


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Take a deep breath. You haven't ruined anything. Its your birthday, and like any normal person you decided to have a bit of cake to celebrate. Do you think all thin people eat lettuce all day & never have a slice of cake?? Of course not! So why can't you have a treat for a special occassion?? Don't feel guilty - waste of energy as you can't change it now, and you haven't done anything wrong in the first place!

Keep Calm, and Carry on

Have a lovely rest of your birthday x


Will get there one day!
Happy Birthday, besides taking your baby to hospital I hope you're having a good day, write today off and get back on plan tomorrow x
Happy Birthday! Hope little one is alright.
Don't beat yourself up over a bit of a treat, worth it or not. The reason we do SW is because NOTHING is off limits, so you had something slightly off plan, if we can't treat ourselves now and again, why on earth do we bother?

Chin up :)


There is only now
Hollie - the week I started 5 weeks ago it was my birthday!! I knew I'd have a bit more on that day and just enjoyed it knowing I'd be back on track the next day. Try to enjoy your day - you sound like you have a lot to cope with there - don't add more pressure on yourself - just draw a line under it and get back on track tomorrow. Have one bad day doesn't mean you've blown it. You have achieved loads already - you've just had a wobble babe.
Thanks guys.. Like u have said I will put a line under it and get back on track tomorrow x


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Happy Birthday.... SW isn't just about losing weight it's about changing your eating habits for life. Four months ago you would of probably eaten that and thought nothing of it, but now you do think about, worry about it etc, means your changing your view of food which is great and I would say 100% of SW members have have a lapse on a certain day, infact I am at a stag weekend this weekend and have no intention of staying on plan but come Monday morning I will be back on it BIG time. It's how you recover that counts ! Best of luck

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