Why do we sabotage ourselves & put so much pressure on!


finding my way again !
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when i started CD it was because i didn't want to still be fat when i got to 40. i started with such determination & did well, but just recently i find i am alternatively sabotaging things & putting the pressure on.
1 minute i'm fed up of this diet, i want to eat so i have a little nibble, then it , well i HAVE to grt this weight off b4 my birthday, i want to be slim b4 i go on holiday (May).
i know if i stick to it i'll virtually b there to go away,
so WHY WHY WHY am i sabotaging things, is it the pressure i'm putting on myself ?
who else is like this & what can i do about it?
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G: 12st0lb
I have been like this since visiting my brother....I think once you pick it is doubly hard to get back on track.

Well I have decided to get something really nice 4 sizes smaller than I am in now and will keep trying it on ....then when I get into this will buy something smaller again.

I have to get back on track, I dont know why we do this to ourselves.....!

Good luck in getting back on the wagon......we could do with Bettyboo and her life boat again...!


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Hi Cheryl I know exactly what your saying. Its like we get so far and then think about giving up. When I did a vlcd five years ago I was doing at It as I was getting married,I did it, lost 5 stone and get the dress but I ended up hating the diet sooo much!! I know looking back that I was putting myself under pressure too much for the wedding. This time I have no special occasion and I'm doing it totally for myself. I know its hard but try not to think too much about your birthday or holiday and remind yourself when that CB appears in your head that this is totally for you!! You do deserve to lose the rest of the weight and you'll look fab when you get there,you've done so well already,
stay strong,
Nikki x