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why does more water=more weight loss?


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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me why upping your water intake can lead to bigger weight loss?

I realise that drinking the water is so important, and I have started drinking 4 litres a day instead of the 3 I was having thanks to some really useful threads on here :)

But I was just curious as to the way it works, don't get me wrong I'm happy to take advice from all of you without explainations, to be honest if you told me to drink my shakes blindfolded whist hopping on one leg I'd probably give it a try:p but I find this whole process so fascinating
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It's all about your kidneys. They need plenty of water, and if they don't get it they can't function at their best - this means that the liver helps them out. While it's doing that, it can't function at its best either, so fat metabolism slows down and you lose weight more slowly. Drink plenty of water, and the kidneys are happy, leaving the liver to get on with things.



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Hi Loved-Up,

Some do believe the more you drink the more you shrink.

I have personally tried it (5lt) and had my worst weight loss ever (half a lb). I was miserable, bloated and very very uncomfortable that week.

I have people that come to me and can only manage the minimum and have great loses and others swear by drinking 4-6lt.

No two people are the same so if it works for you go for it.



I understood he main logic being to keep flushing the ketones out in your urine.
If your body is breaking down fat into ketones to use as fuel & you wee them out then the body has to start again by breaking down some more fat.
Once your blood ketone level is reduced to a bare minimumby this action then increasing your waterintake even more would have no further effect.
the other bonus of keeping blood ketones at a low concentration is 1. minimising the bad breath & assuring you feel well.( low levels of ketones in the blood induce a feeling of wellbeing,higher levels beginto make you feel unwell)

Sim94 Is there another action of the water that is said to influence weight loss?
Too scientificfor me - I'd add that drinking water fills you up and takes your mind off food!!! My skin is great too !


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I'm with Sim. If I drink too much, I lose less. It's very important to drink enough, so nobody should go below the minimum intake. But if you drink too much you can get cramps (which are usually associated with lack of water) - bazaarly, I've known cramps to happen with too much water. Not to mention low sodium levels. So don't go mad with the water. But drink at least the minimum.
I started off with the minimum and now i can manage about 4 litres. But some days, when i wake up late, i can only manage 2.5-3.5 litres.

I have had low losses from the start but i think its because i have less weight to lose and i have a shitty metabolism because of my medication.

Also, i find that if i drink about 5 litres a day, i weigh more at the end of the day and this means i get a low loss at weigh in, which unfortunatley, is in the evenings :(

I think 3-4 litres is good. But if you take up any exercise you will need to add an extra litre or 2.

xx :)
i usually drink between 3 and 4 litres, never managed more than 4, it makes me feel crap if i drink too much

is true my skin look great
I was told it was because it fluches the crap out of your body. My skin looks great since drinking it all too! Some of my frineds reckon I look 10 years younger! But that could be because the jowels and double chin have gone and that you can actually see my eyes now LOL!


jelly belly
i`m still spotty and i`ve almost completed week 5
thing is as fat as i was i never had bad skin until now
still feel pretty good on the diet just my spotty face it looks yuk


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
i`m still spotty and i`ve almost completed week 5
thing is as fat as i was i never had bad skin until now
still feel pretty good on the diet just my spotty face it looks yuk
Same happened to me. I hadn't had a problem with my skin since I was a teenager (now 39), but don't worry it will get better shortly.

I had been putting rubbish down my throat for many year so I saw it as all the toxins and rubbish resufacing through my skin.

I think it's the water flushing out the rubbish and toxins in your system. I think you will find it will clear up x

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