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Why I don't see any changes?

Wel I'm on the end of week 6 with SS 100%, I've lost 26 lbs. But I see myself in the mirror, and I see the same fat old me. I don't see any changes, maybe my face a little and my jeans are getting a bit loser, but still at the same size 16, but my body looks the same as 6 weeks ago :confused::confused:

Is it because I'm not doing exercise? :( Or should I lose more pounds, so I will see the changes come and the difference on my body.

I feel sooo good on this diet, someday I feel energized, someday sooo lazy :p But I'm not even hungryyy...It makes me feel good, and I'm sure I will stick to it until my goal weight.

And if I should begin doing exercise, what kind of exercise can I do? Any tipsss ??, oohh plss I really want to see a change on my body too, not only on the scales! :( :eek: :)

I'm sooo motivateddd...and determined to do this!
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Maybe your mind hasn't caught up yet? Did you take some before pictures? Could you compare them to some you take now? Did your CDC take measurements? have they gone down? I think you just haven't notice yourself and you are biased?!

When I started my clothes didn't get loose for ages, I think they just got less tight first, then just tight, then normal, then lose hehe x
don't worry. it's hard at first to notice the difference depending on what weight loss you have and what you still need to loose! i can see a big difference in my shape from the side but from the front i'm still a rectangular box. my clothes still fit relatively the same although i have noticed the tops that were loose fitting and hugged my tummy are now floating away from my tummy. trousers though are a different breed! still feel the same.
p.s regarding exercise. try walking or swimming etc.

walk so your heart rate is higher and it makes you breath heavier. fat burning, depending on your age, happens around 60% of your total heart rate around. aerobic workout is around 80% of your total heart rate. so around the age of 30 to 35 fat burning is about 120 to 130bpm, aerobic is around 160bmp.

if you fancy joining the gym or have the funds to do it then great. remember to drink water, take it easy at first to get your body used to it and if you feel dizzy sit down, drink water, go home!
dont worry hun everyone is different and changes at a different pace i think i will take a long time to see a change in me but as someone said it could just be your mind has to catch up with the changes.
Magz x
Hi hun! I cant see no changes in myself and i have lost the same as you! BUT everyone else says that I am shrinking before there eyes and that I now look tiny in comparison! I have before pics to compare myself to when I get to goal weight (16lbs to go!!) xxx


please try again
ive lost 74lb now and i still think i look the same

im sure other people can see it off you hun
Yesss I guess it will take time until I realize.....I think I got to start doing exercise though.

With the US version we don't have no consultants, it's all on our OWN!

I hope that I will see a change soon!! Or maybe a size drop by April...

And I've taken no pictures, my camera died :(


how about instead of focussing on what you see how about what you feel,

Go load a rucksack up with 28lbs of assorted stuff, books tins anything

and try lifting it

that's what you've lost

Now imagine carrying that about, all day, every day, day in day out.

and you've got rid of it!

Well done and keep going!
I've lost just over 2 stone and im stilling wearing the same clothes, but a lot looser, my clothes admittedly are baggier and starting to hang a little but not quiet into a size smaller yet.dont worry to much you'll get there
Yesss I guess it will take time until I realize.....I think I got to start doing exercise though.

With the US version we don't have no consultants, it's all on our OWN!

I hope that I will see a change soon!! Or maybe a size drop by April...

And I've taken no pictures, my camera died :(
In that case get a tape measure and measure yourself.

You can take as many or as few measurements as you like, I would suggest chest, waist, hips, thighs, calf and upper arm at the very least though.

Make a note of what your measuremants are now, then in a month measure again, I'm sure you'll see a difference.

I think that we are the last to see a change in ourselves sometimes, especially those of us who have any degree of dysfunctionality about our perceptions of ourselves.

You are doing really well, don't lose heart just cos you may not be able to see it yourself yet. :)
Yes, I will do that for sure! Thankssss…..but it’s just sad, though I see the numbers going down and down every week on the scale. I don’t see it at all on my body. I see myself in the mirror, I don’t see any changes at all. Every part of my body looks the same as 7 weeks ago, like when will I see the changes with my own eyes? Will it take a longggg time until I’ll see it? Until now I’ve lost 31 lbs and I need to lose 43 lbs more to get to my normal BMI, which is 155 lbs. I’m a little worried, this diet ‘till now it is showing results, but I see it only on the scales. Like when will my body begin to get smaller and shrinkes? I’ve started doing some pull-ups and squats and some weights for my arms. But I want to know from U how did u do it? When did u see the changes?


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I cant see any difference either and neither can other people even though i have gone down a dress size! Hoping one day soon i will wake up n people will go :O where have u gone? that would be nice :D
Wel maybeee It's because we have allot of weight to lose, that it will take a while until we will see the changes and people would see it. We all lost allot of weight, and we can see we're going the positive way. Pretty soon we will realize it on our body self....anddd everybody's body is different, some of them will take some time until they will see changes and dropping sizes....some see it immediately.

Let us have patients and stick 100% to the diet..!! And do some exercise, I'm sure we will see changes sooonnn, hopefully :)

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