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Why I love SW . . .


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For lunch, I've had a huge chicken leg (red day), salad, jacket potato (HexB) and quark (try it - lovely). Not a single syn and a massive plateful.

But best of all was the following conversation:

"That's a big plate of food."

"Yup. I'm on a diet . . . "

And it's true :D:D:D
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that sounds lovely. i love jacket potato, my idea of heavenly food. (yes i know i am sad)


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I love it, my good friend Shane called me a fat b*****d the other day for having quorn sausages, chips, beans and fried egg. And he came round with sausage and chip from the chippy! I said well that's the beauty of being on a diet :D:D really is fabulous!


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Yes, it's hard to believe that we are eating to lose weight...


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Me too, I have the hugest plate of home made chicken chow mein, chips, egg fried rice and curry sauce and it's only 6 syns. Yum.


Getting fit for 30!
S: 25st5lb C: 25st5lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I quite agree TeresaTT! Everyone who starts SW always says the same thing; can I really eat all that and still loose weight?! Its cos the world at large has told us to starve ourselves thin - I say eat eat eat (the right things)!!


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I've just eaten 4 small baked potatoes, some tomato and 6 extra light triangles. Loads of grub = loads of weight going, going, gone!


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I completely agree Harrie - when my MIL comes round for tea or pops in when we are having a meal, she always says "how can you eat all that on your diet!".

I tell her that's nothing, i'll have dessert afterwards too!!

SW rules - I love it too.

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