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  1. blaqueness

    blaqueness Member

    that the closer you get to goal the harder it is?
    I have a few pounds to go and I just can't seem to shift them one day I have loss and then the next I've put them back on again! I have moved up to the 1000 plan (eeek) and I am determined to get to the goal I set myself but it is just getting harder to do and I am trying not to get disheartened but boy is it hard!:(
    Any one else felt like this?
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  3. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

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    Goal Weight:
    was cambridge now exante
    sorry no where near goal but hoping someone can help soon
  4. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    ive got a stone and a half to go, but feel its getting harder already!!

    lost 2 1/2 stone, but keep messing around now and going up 1/2 a stone, then cd ing and losing it, then eating and drinking again!!

    day 1 today of a restart, gonna give it one last go.

    as youve only got a couple lb to go, couldnt you stop already??

    do you feel comfortable the way you are??

    good luck. xx
  5. Kimba_soontobeslim

    Kimba_soontobeslim Full Member

    I soooo know what you mean! I've been doing exactly the same thing!!! I think it's partly because I actually feel quite good about myself, so I struggle with the will for that last final push! I keep thinking, if I could just be good for a couple of weeks I'd be there! So then I'm good all week......but then the weekend comes and a dinner out is planned and I'm tired of missing out whilst everyone else has something yummy........ But at the same time to me, it's really important to me to get to goal just so I can feel I'm finally there you know!
  6. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    kimba, you are SO right!!
    if i hadnt messed around i'd be there by now, aaghhhhh!!!!
  7. blaqueness

    blaqueness Member

    thank goodness you ladies no exactly what i mean (I am not a freak)! missmf really and truly I could stop now but I think it is a physcological thing I feel I would have let my self down if I don't reach the target that I set myself.
    I am now a size 10 on top and 12 on the bottom (big bum I am afraid) so I am more than happy with what CD has helped me acheive I don't know it is just wierd. It is like I am addicted to seeing the number on the scales go down!
  8. buffydog

    buffydog Silver Member

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    cd / ss
    i`m happy as iam, but feel i must get to my goal set.
    I agree with the getting harder, even though nothing has changed, still 100% i actually gained 1lb this morn...... why?????
  9. madameruthybaby

    madameruthybaby Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I agree it is harder the nearer to your goal you get and for me it's to do with motivation. I hear so many nice compliments and I think oh well why don't I go out for dinner for my friends birthday etc etc. I am 12lbs away from goal but keep on messing around with the diet. I had a pretty bad weekend diet wise which has made me stop and think. Christmas is coming up and I don't want to be dillying and dallying around with ANY of the Cambridge plans I want to be maintaining and therefore I re-started yesterday with an absolute mission in my mind to stop messing around and loose the weight and re-gain my life back once and for all!

    I am glad I am not the only one in this boat. Come on ladies - let's sort ourselves out and get to our goals once and for all!
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