Why is RC now all about calories?

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  1. lardylady

    lardylady Gold Member

    Many years ago, when the Hip and Thigh diet was published, Rosemary wrote that counting calories was a very negative thing to do, and even though calorie counting was obviously the foundation of her diets (indeed, all diets), calories were never specifically mentioned. Vegetables like potatoes, for example, never had to be weighed. You just ate a portion that was enough to satisfy your hunger. It just seems such a shame that now her eating plan is based on calorie counting and I wondered why she had made this very big U turn in her slimming philosophy. Can anyone shed any light?
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  3. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    I suppose it's as all we know in general about food evolves?

    Do you remember the F Plan? When we were encouraged to eat fibre/wheat... that would be 'unfashionable' now as we now know that that way of eating is not the most efficient for weight loss.

    I remember doing Hip and Thigh - and yes, the onus was very much on '4 slices of wholemeal bread ' and unlimited pasta and potatoes. Now, of course, we know what an overload of carbs does to the body. I believe that RC diet comes in at around 1400 calories. It doesn't appeal to me as a flick through the odd magazine reveals complicated, meat heavy recipes.

    The best way of eating is a moderate carb diet, I believe. Limit pasta/bread/potatoes/wheat but have in 'sensible' portions and eat a wide range of veg, lean protein, good fats and fruit.

    I obviously subscribe fully to this as you can see < --------- :D
  4. ange s

    ange s Full Member

    I wasn't aware that there had been a change but I'm a recent RC convert, previously I followed SW.

    The trouble I found with SW is that I was eating huge portions of free food and wondering why I wasn't losing weight :) I think it depends on your attitude to food, I find it very hard to leave food on the plate even if feeling full and I had no idea of portion sizes so it just didn't work for me after a while. I find with RC I'm in better control (except when on holiday which was a disaster food wise!).

    As a family member pointed out to me, you eat calories and you burn calories through exercise, if you eat more than you need you gain weight, simples!

    There are lots of faddy diets that come and go but calories are always there!
  5. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Ange - yes, with SW it is very easy to give yourself a license to eat, I used to find.. ' oh it's free, I'll have loads ....'
  6. frccle

    frccle Member

    I've done SW & WW, guess we've tried them all.

    I however constantly come back to counting calories, I could never get my head around eating fruit or other food for 'free'. Everything has a calorie value so feels wrong somehow.

    My motto is ' if it passes my lips, it gets counted' no ifs no buts. It's all calories, I count everything as I'm only cheating myself if I don't do that.

    That's my 2p worth, losing weight is personal and we have different ways and needs. My friend lost 5 stone on WW but it annoys me, so I count calories.

    Good look with weight loss to everyone :)
  7. karen49

    karen49 Member

    I follow RC,having also tried SW and think counting calories is great for keeping track of what you eat. For me the biggest breakthrough was learning portion control - a big part of the RC diet.
  8. ange s

    ange s Full Member

    Totally agree Karen, I was quite shocked at how small some portions were at first, but soon got used to them and feeling satisfied rather than stuffed at meal times!!!
  9. firfenwen

    firfenwen Full Member

    I find that if I have sensible portions as RC promotes and stick to the 5% rule then the calories naturally look after themselves. I know I have loads to lose but find that if I concentrate on these elements rather than getting hung up on counting every calorie then my calorie consumption is actually lower and I feel more satisfied than if I had weighed out and abandoned the 5% rule. It's all personal but fr me at this stage it's that 5% rule and sensible portions that are the key.

    (I also dabbled with SW and the free food was a licence to pig out just because. I prefer the wider variety of foods in controlled portions to be honest - those having done SW will also question how something like a 'smash pizza' served with beans and wedges with many calories but all 'free' is any more satisfying or healthy than a homemade pizza with RC cheese, proper base and served with salad and extra light mayo, which would be a whole raft of syns even though would be less than half the cals? Could never get my head around that! )

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  10. Lou51

    Lou51 Member

    I have just read through this thread and echo all the things you ladies say. You are completely right.
    I have done SW, and I too went overboard with the 'free' food. Like you say..its free...I can eat loads! I am new to RC but am doing ok I think. I am a little surprised of the portions but will continue on. I also agree with Ange S,....I am satisfied but not stuffed. I think I have got used to thinking that I have toeat until I am fulll up, and that is simply not the case.....I am hoping that this RC diet will do the trick. It is a common sense approach, and goes back to the basics of low fat, calorie control. Sensible :)
  11. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    yes i agree with you all i put lots and lots of weight back on when i stopped ss and would not do it again i thought wow i love this free food lets stuff my face learnt me nothing about food but now making food from scartch the 5% rule and counting calories agrees with me plus my other half helping me so at last i think i have found my diet i like all i need to do now is do more excersise i have just bought the leslie sansone walkind dvds when they come im going to start with the 2 mile walk and try to work up from there
    good luck to you all

    chezz xx
  12. dizzydolly

    dizzydolly Member

    agree completley !
  13. lardylady

    lardylady Gold Member

    I've done okay on SW, despite 'stuffing my face' with food :rolleyes:

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