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Why oh why oh WHY....

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!! finding today sooo hard!! and have been thinking about food all day!! you need to watch a bbc channel or a dvd!! no distractions there!! x x x


Laugh in the face of food
Tell me about it!! I once counted out of a set of 10 adverts 8 were for some food or another. How unfair is it. I think they should ban food advertising. We know there's food out there, we don't need to advertise it!!


minimims stalker
the marks and spencer ones make me cry lol x


Laugh in the face of food
They're not just torture, they're M&S torture lol.
On this page right now at the top of the minimins site there is a advert for WW and is a picture of a hot melt in the middle chocolate pudding. This is a weight loss forum they shouldnt have things like that on here ~sobs~ it looks so yummy. xxx
The trouble with dieting is that it can cause you to obsess over food, as the more you try to not think about something, the more you think about it. Right now, what ever you do, don't think about a blue elephant. What is the first thing that goes through your mind - a blue elephant I bet. That is why there are a couple of guys out there who do weight loss based on taking control of your mind first, then your body will follow.
Choose instead to concentrate on something other than food.
Put yourself in a position of power. Try this exercise. Realise that you could choose to think about somebody who you don't like, as you do that take note of how you feel inside. Now, clear that and instead, think about somebody you love, somebody who makes you feel good, makes you laugh and that you love being around. And notice how you feel now. Whatever pictures you choose to run in your head, determines how you feel. How you feel, determines how you behave.
You have the choice to think about how good you feel as you see yourself living your slim life having succeeding in losing that old weight, give yourself permission to feel good inside now as you picture this.
Question: as you read these words, have your cravings disappeared?
I wish you well and I hope this has been some help.


hoping for a good loss
Tell me about it. Gggrrr to food adverts lol. In fact ggrr to adverts n general as even adverts that aren't about food generally have some food in it somewhere - look at the DFS advert

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