Why so much food?


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I have started to think today whilst watching tv how many programmes that show food. I'm not just thinking about cookery shows...I'm talking about soaps, adverts, and documentaries.

I even watched a dfs advert that involved a cream cake. How the heck does a cream cake got to do with buying a sofa....Madness huh, I'm beginning to think I used to watched all these programmes and thought I know I would love a cream cake lets go and buy one....But not anymore hehehe I'm in control xxxx
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Its the biggest industry in the world, so much money being made off the backs of people 'fancying' something. If you look at the american lifestyle everything is bigger, (supposedly better) and faster....what the public wants the public gets, terrible greed really. Look how much christmas has become a food fest.

I remember as a child (im 36 now) my mum and dad would have the 'pop' man come round to take our order for christmas, cola, dandelion and burdock, cherryade, orangeade etc. It was a HUGE treat, we never had fizzy drinks ever except at christmas. Now look at it, its so readily available. But the fact that these types of foods (convenience) were endorsed in the 50's and 60's as a wonderful alternative to homemade cooking and that there was no health risks or guilt attached, the following generations are stuck in a trap of needing and wanting this type of food.

Life has become a convenience, as the government force both parents to go out to work, the knock on affect it convenience foods made in less time.

Personally I believe the so called food addiction is not the problem, its addiction to the chemicals that are put in our food. And for me, being a single mum and on the breadline, I cant afford to buy organic options, or a wide variety of foods.

Having wonderful freedom to buy what is readily available in the supermarkets now can be detrimental, cakes, biscuits, chocolate are no longer a treat anymore, they are the norm. Is it any wonder why so many people are stressed, turn to drugs or alcohol as they deem to reach a high that everyday living should be bringing when we allow ourselves things in moderation.

I am totally guilty of seeing some 'new' food product on the tellie and thinking, Mmmm thats looks nice, and rush out and buy it. Its why i'm in this mess now lol

So, I guess for me maintaining is going to be the make or break of my life, and properly educating myself on food. I would love to live an organic lifestyle cooking meals from scratch, but life isn't ideal at the moment, its disposal and greedy...the media feeling the public drip by drip with rubbish food!

(sorry I feel very strongly about the social and econimical climate of our world!)

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I can't believe how much food is shown / mentioned. Some days I really struggle with it too. Didn't ever notice it to the extent before starting CD either