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Hey girlies and guys, I was wondering what everyone elses reasons are for their weightloss? Is it for medical reasons? an event? Or something more unusual?

My reason is purely for my future. I have alot of things to look forward to. One of these things is being a bridesmaid for my sister next year. She has bought me a size 16 dress but I want to take up her offer and get someone to take it in by next year :D hopefully I will be half the person :)

So what are your reasons? :) xxx
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I have many reasons:

Health: I have a connective tissue disorder and the heavier I am the worse the effect on my joints.

Vanity: I want to look good, I am fed up of feeling like a frump

Fitness: I am a karate black belt, a swimmer and ice skater. I need to be fit to be fully effective


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The thing which made me realise I NEED to lose weight, was when I was painting, and my back was killing, I was sweating, arms were acheing, I was just exhausted, and I hadn't even been painting for long - bearing in mind this is PAINTING and not a marathon! - so I was like wow, how unfit AM I :| and shortly after, I noticed my jeans were getting tighter and tighter, until they were literally bursting, and I felt so ashamed, I felt absolutely disgusted with myself, I was so uncomfortable aswell, so I decided that was the last weekend I was feeling like that, and the monday after I started Lipotrim

Also, tbh, never really had much of a love life. x) hoping once I'm slim and toned, that'll improve.


I don't want obesity to lead to me dying young down the line. I've been overweight my entire life and I'm now just looking for some sort of change. Not only will it make me feel more comfortable within myself, but hopefully will give me a whole new way of life to boot.


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For healthy and confidence reasons mainly. I want to be fit and healthy before my wedding in August. I want to wow everyone there including my fiance. Also want to give the babies we are going to have the best start in life possible.

I am *never* going to be overweight again!

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I want to lose weight so that I'm healthy. Also because at some point in the future I want children and I dont want to be too big to conceive or be a good mummy.
And because I want to look good! I want to be able to wear nice clothes and feel good about myself.
Great idea for a thread by the way!

Claire x


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My main reason to start with was just wanting to be healthier, I used to get aches and all those things. And was tired of it.

I also wanted to prove to other people I could do it, because I know most of them thought I couldnt and some even said I wouldnt so it just made me go and do it.

Lastly as I noticed changes, I quite enjoyed it, so I think it became partially vain as time went on too.



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Because im fed up of being fat. I want to go to an el cheapo shop like Primark and be able to buy something that fits!! I'd save a fortune on my clothes :D


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My most important reason is my health I guess, the reason i'm trying is because me and hubby are trying for our first child. So need to shift some weight for that to happen. I think once i've lost some weight my depression will ease or be easier to manage and i'll be alot happier.