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WI 4? lol

I dont know how many times I've ben weighed at the chemist -I think it's four cus I was doing it for two weeks before going back officially.

Anyways 5lb off. If I'd had a good loss last week I would be absolutely over the moon but I was kind of hoping last week's proper loss would show up too, LOL

So not disappointed, just happy that weight loss seems to be carrying on as usual. I don't think I'm gonna make my September challenge of 12st by the 29th but I'm still gonna bust myself for my Xmas challenge,

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Well done blackrose thats a brilliant loss its really inspiring to see that amount come off in one week.
A LOT better Sarah Lou LOL, Thanks. I'm gonna walk the legs of myself and try to get an extra litre of water each day into me this week to try and make a 7lb loss next week, I really want to meet my september challenge. It's gonna be near impossible but I'm still gonna try! lol
Also another 7 inches of fat gone btw -LOVIN' IT!!!
well done hun & good luck with ur september challenge.
think i might give myself a challenge.

x x


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Brill loss honey :)

Bring on the xmas challenge!! You can do it :)

hey hun- that's brilliant!




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well done hun, great loss!


Positivity is the key
that's a great weight loss, congratulations. The challenges are there for motivation not as a stick to beat yourself with so go for it but don't kill yourself trying to get there. Wishing you all the best.

irish molly

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Well done on your weight loss. Don't put yourself under too much pressure to meet the challenge as you might be too disappointed if you don't make it. All in all you are so going in the right direction.
Wahey Rose that's brilliant! 5lbs banished, gone forever, never to return! Did you go to the loo? (personal I know but I'm curious!)

I love your attitude girl. You're brilliant, and your posts really cheer me up and make me laugh. Don't cross off the September challenge yet! Stranger things happen at sea (My Granny says that, God knows what it means!)

You'll be looking fabulous on uni day!

Thank you everyone. I'm really happy this week.

Betsy -I did go -but could do with going more if ya know what I mean. I went enough to make the pain go away (LOL doesn't that sound all 'go away bad man' hehehe) so all good.

And maybe stranger things will happen at sea! And with me too! ;) ;)

thank you all -I love the encouragement and support this forum gives -AMAZING!! :D

great loss! and especially after last time's disappointment :)
Hahahaha! - 'Go away bad man!' Haha!

I know exactly what you mean. 'Turtle head' is my new favourite expression! Sorry, I know, I'm vile *hangs head in shame*

I love to see tears of happiness!
Hahahaha! - 'Go away bad man!' Haha!

I know exactly what you mean. 'Turtle head' is my new favourite expression! Sorry, I know, I'm vile *hangs head in shame*

I love to see tears of happiness!
Oh no! I HATE that saying! Ya bloody minger! LMAO

You do hang your head in shame,go on, hang it! Coming on here corrupting pure and innocent minds with your filthy talk! Scrub your mouth out!

Betsy...:mad:tut tut tut. You and my OH should meet -if I have to hear about the 'baby's arm' he just did, or 'the one that looked like Jesus' one more time, I'm gonna bury him under the oil tank.

My life is one long continuous story about poop with little distractions thrown in along the way. Sigh.

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