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WI 7 - IM IN THE 15'S :) :) :)

Well was nervous going down to get weighed in after my week's holidays but I had 5lbs off!!! Now eight 15st 12lbs Im so happy :) I wore a skirt to work today for first time - big step for me. Someone actually asked me if I was sick I was losing weight so far. My mum and dad are so proud of me - Mum has given me added incentive by saying she will pay for a ticket for me to South africa to see my Uncle if ...sorry when I hit target weight. Thanks for all your support and comments - luffs ya all :)

WI - 11bs off
W2 - 4lbs off
W3 - 4 lbs off
W4 - 2 lbs off
W5 - 5lbs off - 10% of body weight lost :)
W6 - Holidays
W7 - 5lbs off - now weigh under 16stone

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Wow dats a great incentive. You are doing brilliantly and wearing a skirt is a brilliant accomplishment. 5lbs is spectactular well done.


Otherwise known as Jools
Well done - hopefully next week I shall join you in the 15's :)



irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Fab result and fab Mum for giving you an added incentive. South africa will be a great carrot for you to achieve your goal. Won't your Uncle be so pleased to see the new you!!!
Brilliant loss Angela! Excellent!

Isn't it great to be comfortable and confident enough to wear something you wouldn't usually wear! I'm loving the skirts and dresses myself at the minute. Aww at your parents being so proud. That's a fantastic incentive in itself, not to mention the trip to South Africa! Lucky you! That will sure fill you full of determination!


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thats great and what a feeling breaking that 15st barrier!! woohoo!! I know what you mean about skirts, I can't even remember the last time I wore one.

Wow, what a fantastic incentive you have to get to goal, although from the sounds of your post it doesn't seem to me like you need it, but is certainly a wonderful bonus hehe ^.^

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