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WI 9 and feeling better today :)

well as some of u know ive been ill most the week and not been keeping my shakes down. thought id sts or maybe gain as ive been living on tropical juice and tip tops. lol. felt so scared of the scales today so was shocked when pharmacist said id lost 4lbs. OMG! couldnt believe it. only 2lbs till target. woo bloody hoo. lol

gona have my first shake of the day in a min and hopefully it will stay down 2day.

x x
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well done hun dats pretty amazing. im sick now cudnt go to work. tink the stomach bug is making its rounds. i forced myself to have my third shake at 4am dis morning. and the taste in my mouth is rotten far play to you for goin so long on tropical juice and cool pops??? im guessing dats wat we call them here. you will defo be under goal next week well done. sorry about my moaning haha!


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wahey! :banana dancer: well done chicken :D xxx
thx anne-maria & tanya.

anne-marie- sorry to hear ur not well now hun. pls dont worry bout having a moan, its what im known for on here. lol. its nice to hear some1 else once in a while. wish u a speedy recovery hun.

just noticed that ive lost over a quarter of my body and more than 4 stone. so happy 2day.

x x


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extra :banana dancer: for you!!! lol over 4st! what an achievement jenny! you should feel extremely proud of yourself :) xxx
lol thx tan. i do hun, cant imagine how good u feel for losing twice as much.

thx clair, fingers are tightly crossed that i get the last 2lbs off so im at goal next week. be over the moon, will probably start jumping up and down when i get off the scales. lol.

x x
forgot to say one of the dresses that i ordered in a size 12 came today and it fits so good. yeah its tight but its meant to be. its the same as the pink 1 in the pic but its black an a 12 instead of 14. cant wait to wear it. going out in just under 3 weeks.

x x


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Well Done Jenny big gratz to you :D :D


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hiya hunnnnn, I'm glad you are feeling better today and well done on your loss. Wow 1 more week and your journey is finished. Stay strong, keep busy and it will pass.
Fantastic loss Jen. Glad you're better today. Hope you'll stick around when you've got to target.





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Jenny, glad you are better and even happier to hear that you are now so close to goal. Well done you.You will be drop dead gorgeous in your new dress.
Wooohooo Jenny baby! That's just fantastic sweetie! So pleased for you. That will surely lift your spirits after the sh*tty weekend you had.

Only 2lbs to go! So exciting. You're a little weight loss machine who has done brilliantly.

Wanna see pics of your new dresses please! I bet they're gorgeous.



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Yay, so glad you are feeling better and what a boost for you to lose that much weight and be so much closer to goal. Look after yourself hon and keeping everything crossed the shakes stay down :)

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