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Hi Hun,

I started on Friday 2nd Jan & got weighed on Thursday 9th Jan in the evening. That meant i had take 20 shakes and had one left to have after the weigh in.
I will go back for my weigh in this Thursday evening again.

If you go Friday evening - Its the end of day 7.
If you go Sat morning - Its the start of day 8. (But you wont have any shakes left so you'll have to mix one when you leave the chemist!!xx

Hope this helps.

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You usually go back on day number 8 - eg Start on a Monday, do 7 full days and get weighed the following Monday x


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Hi. I originally started first thing Monday morning and always tried to WI at that time every week - work and children permitting. This time I started last Sunday but plan to have Monday morning WI's as before.

Stick to the same time each week coz your weight varies depending on the time of day you get weighed.

Go with whatever is most convenient for you.

Good luck.


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I agree, try to stick to same day similar time. Good luck.XX:)


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I had my first appt last Tues, but didnt start the shakes until the Wed morning, so when I got weighed today it was really only day 7. Because of my shifts I wont be able to weigh on the same day each week, but it will all come good eventually as I will at some point be back to original day and time.
Good luck.

mrs bee

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I go every friday!