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WI has begun to freak me out- any advice?


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I've recently started to be quite anxious around WI, and the anxiety is beginning to begin earlier during the week! I WI at class on a Monday afternoon, and I go straight from work, getting there as early as I can. However, I tend to arrive about 5 minutes before the scales 'close' and so by the time I get there, everyone is sitting down, facing the front, ready for the Consultant to begin. The scales are the focal point of the room, and it's like getting weighed in front of a captive audience! I haven't started to limit my intake of food and drink on WI day, but I have started to make sure I'm wearing the exact same clothes and even weighed my skirts last week to see which one was the lightest. I know that probably makes me sound like a nutter, but it's beginning to get me down. I have been to WW and RC classes before, where the WI area was at the back of the room and it was more private. I asked the consultant if the scales could be moved, but she said no. Also, the WI woman makes such a meal of the whole thing, commenting every time that I haven't gained since I started etc One week she said "Ooh, you're catching me up!" which p*ssed me off as she's lost 2 stone and I've lost nearly 5! Does anyone else have these worries, or is it just me? :eek:
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im bad on weigh in day get worried il weigh more heavy if I've drank lots of water or had a big lunch, but it can make such a difference on the scales!!


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Maybe try another group? The anxiety sounds like its perhaps caused by this rude woman rather than the scales themselves? Of course you'll feel anxious if there's a judge and jury watching you weigh and casting comment!!


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Could you not do it from home, save the money as you have lost a lot so you must know the programme well, seems tight that they won't move the scales for you or could you weigh in after everyone has left at the end of the session?!


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Maybe ask if you can be weighed at the end of image therapy with the new members rather then just before, only problem with that is that if you need some motivation from image therapy if you've had an unexpected gain or something then you won't know until after :/


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Just wanted to say you're not the only one who weighed their clothes, I weighed my jeans last week to see which were lighter :)


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I'm another person that's weighed clothes before WI... The difference was 10g lol... But still i felt better knowing I'd done it!! :/

Last week one woman's jumper made 1.5lbs difference (fortunately she had a top on underneath!)


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After a long hard think about it, I've decided to switch classes. I definitely need the discipline of paying my weekly fee to keep me focused, but I don't like the WI pressure that comes with being the most successful slimmer in the group. Because nobody else has lost as much as me in that group, I feel a lot of pressure not to gain. When the social team start making remarks before I even step on the scales, it's extremely annoying. And believe me, people do listen and watch other people getting weighed- I've seen it happen!
Thanks for your replies, although I have to admit to finding the phrase 'You do seem to have got yourself into quite a tizz about this' rather condescending.


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lardylady said:
Thanks for your replies, although I have to admit to finding the phrase 'You do seem to have got yourself into quite a tizz about this' rather condescending.
I'm sure nothing was meant by this expression, its just like saying ur worked up bout this situation, which u are but glad to hear ur doing something positive bout it - hope u love ur new group :) x


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S: 18st12lb C: 10st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 22.2 Loss: 8st10lb(46.21%)
No need to apologise, it was just me being prickly (as usual.) I need to apologise to you, as you were kind enough to offer advice. :ashamed0005:


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I weigh my clothes too! I dont drink water an hour before, wearing legging n light top n no watch.. i do it every week, so cant stop now lol x
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another clothes weigher here! hope you find a class that works for you xx


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I think you're right about the pressure, if you're known for having lost every week you are more likely to put a lot of pressure on yourself to keep that up - I think all of us would be the same.

Thankfully I'm rubbish at keeping on track so every few weeks I put on. Haha. Hopefully I've put an end to that now. :)

Ps, congrats on your fabulous loss so far. :)


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All SW groups are meant to be laid out the same way with the chairs in a horseshoe shape and the scales etc at the front so they wouldn't move the scales.

I do get anxious on WI day, always have watched what I have for lunch, how much I drink and what I wear, you are not alone on that score.

As for the "rude" weigh in lady, is she rude or just friendly? Why not ask her before you get in the scales not to mention your result? I weigh in and I do make a fuss of the successful skimmers, I would hate that to be perceived as rude, loud, offensive or otherwise!!!

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