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WI-Hurrah and oh poop!

Wk 10 gone and I lost 5lbs this week! Have to put some of that down to the colonic but
:bliss: :bliss: :bliss:
And I broke through the 200lb barrier- 199.25 lbs
:bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss:

BUT...if I had lost another half pound I would have hit the 3 stone mark- so close!:boohoo:

Now we all know I am going to weigh myself obsessively :whoopass: until I get to that milestone- I am NOT waiting til next WI to celebrate!

Love this diet! Love this forum!
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Hurray for colonics!

Having said that I've never had one & not sure I'd like to, but just think how you will feel when you go back to eating. You will be sooo careful not to fill your body with crap!

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Well done Hippoellie, thats a brilliant weightloss.
Keep up the good work.


has started again!!
Might sound a silly question, but is it worth having a colonic as we won't have much inside us at the moment? Does it really make a difference?

Yes, I wondered that too! Although after this mornings very painful poo experience maybe I should...

(sorry if too graphic, but was totally horrid.)


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Brilliant loss and YES to being in the 1's -- how fantastic. Now to be honest I'd be glad that I hadn't made the 3 stone as that would have given me another big reason to celebrate after next weigh in but I can understand why you wanted to.

You're doing brilliantly --- keep going strong.

Yep :) Hoping to be there in the next couple of weeks - don't think I've lost much this week but I've had a couple of weeks with good losses. Think I need to go for one of your colonics (though hopefully not quite as drastic!) --- just cannot go the loo properly no matter how much Fruits of the Forest I have :)

Great Loss :clap: :clap:

sure you will reach you 3 Stone, if not done already any day now.

I would love a colonic, but also wondered about waiting for it till eat again.

Have they recommended you have another?
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Well done Hippoellie, you deserved it Girl , (if only for painting the room brown!) and making me laugh so much. Now you can get ready to paint the town red instead! Hip Hip Horray for Hippoellie!

X love and a big hug form Carole:D
Congratulations on the fab weight loss and for being almost at 3 stone way before your time on foundation is up!!!!
Thats fab well done!! Keep meaning to see if I can book a colonic as had them in the past & they make you feel very clean!!
Re people who are constipated have you tried psyilium husks - Hloland & Barratt or health food shops sell them & they're great in cold shakes (in hot they go like custard but not good with chocolate!) and make them thicker. Take a few teaspoons a day (you can get tablets) and everything will flow as it should -and then there's the water of course!! HTH!!
Hey Hip - wait till ext week to celebrate the 3 stone & you get to celebrate this week & next then!!


has started again!!
Thanks for your advice ISOM. Have tried the husks but they made me heave!! Am trying Fruits of the Forest powder at the mo, in the hope that will help. (Against my better judgement as I think its vastly overpriced!!!)

Night all!


Cherry Plum

One day at a time
S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey Sez, did you try psyillium husks in capsule form?
I take them every few days to keep me regular.
Think I'll try the husks, I'll try and get to the shop asap --- been taking dulcolax once a week but don't want to take them more than that --- some weeks they work better than others, this week they've not been of much use :( I wish the fruits of the forest worked for me, I love it but it does nothing except make my tummy rumble... loudly :)


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