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WI this morning but i am very sad

im very sorry to hear this.. his family are in my prayers.

Sorry to be nosy.. but u said murderd? and starting again...?


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Sorry Sona, I am a police officer in Northern Ireland. We have had "relative" peace for many years. Some people just don't want to move on and destroy everything we have fought so hard for.


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Well done on losing 4lb.:happy096:

I know normally this would have you on a big high but with your very sad news it is hard to be cheery.

Please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of your colleague.

My heart goes out to you, his family, friends and community.

It is just heart breaking.

Love Mini xx


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Thank you Mini - these things are hard to comprehend. It is such a waste of life - he was out answering a call from a woman in distress - Serving the community as we all do (like those 2 poor soldiers on Saturday night). Such evil in our midst:mad:. It's a mad world.


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I am lost of words. Don’t know what to write because everything I can think off wouldn’t describe how sorry I am that you lost a colleague.


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My thoughts are with him and his family and the wider community, it's dreadful that this is happening all over again, it really is.
so sorry for your loss :( it just senseless and a real tragedy xx
Hi Jaxie - and as everyone else says - normally a huge well done and great excitement over your 4lbs loss but the recent events have put our weight into perspective.

It is such a crying shame that you cannot feel safe just doing a job of work - they are total morons.

I am so sorry for his wife and family - they said on the radio that he had been a serving police officer for over 20years. How tragic.

Sending love and hugs xx
I lost 4lbs.

Today i am very sad. One of my colleagues has been murdered. He was a real nice guy. I can't bear that this is all starting again.

Everyone please say a prayer for his family
Oh my god, thats just awful, what a terrible thing to have happened, will definitely say prayer for him and his family. Hope you are ok as well.


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I am so sorry and will of course pray for the whole family. Such a tragic thing to happen. So sorry. xxx


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Thank you all for you kind words ladies. Starlight, you will understand the comradeship there is in our job. It is just so devastating.

The new ones in the job now are completely numb - When joined i knew what i was getting into - they joined to serve the community and get job satisfaction - not to get gunned down in the street when out helping people.

There can be no excuse for this.

Those poor young soldiers too and the innocent civilians - how can these monsters claim that the pizza delviery men were british collaborators? One of them was polish FFS! They were only delivering pizza - pathetic!!

What a waste of life.

Really sorry to hear your sad news, have been really angered by it all last couple of days. It really is a crazy crazy world that we are living in.



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i live in Dublin. it has being in the main news since...yes so so so so tragic..and horrendous...and people are so upset

i do hope the peace process up north continues.

of course i will say prayers


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i live in Dublin. it has being in the main news since...yes so so so so tragic..and horrendous...and people are so upset

i do hope the peace process up north continues.

of course i will say prayers
Thank you again

Life has been so different since the peace process - i don't want my kids to grow up the way i did:(. My father was a police man and if he was 5 minutes late home from work i used to cry coz i thought he'd been killed - it was so awful.

I fear this is not the end of it:mad:
o my god thats terrible, heard it in the news, lets hope things aren't going backwards! how long have u been a police officer in n.i.?
jax, got to call for my friend for our walk now, will log in again later, on a lighter note did u say u were into cats?
a big long haired cat moved in vext door about 2 mths ago and is having the cheek to sit on my oil tank and watch little misty, the vet said she might go for the pup cause she is so small and she might think its a rabbit !!!! and there are about 4 stray ones out the front that neighbours feed and they look like they're ready to pounce also. my life has been turned upside down!!!! i hope in a couple of months i will be able to leave misty out the back on her own for a while and not be worried over the cat (like a badger) next door........


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I'm 17 years in the job so unfortunately am well aware of what it used to be like :( I just hope the will of the people wins over.

RE the cat - yes i think it would be wise to guard the dog until is a bit bigger!! Cats can be quite vicious and our mog is a mass murderer where rabbits (and smaller animals) are concerned.

I've never owned a dog but i know they can be as much work as babies if not more when they are puppies - The wee thing will soon enough be able to stand up for itself - Just a bit of a nightmare for you in the meantime:sigh:

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