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wife swap refugee

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ive been on ll for the 100 days now but im really struggling.
Ive been thinking what started me off on this and it was my appearance on wife swap 5 months ago it was the worst and the best experience of my life but seeing myself so huge prompted me to lose weight.
Ive only been able to watch the programe once.
im gathering up the courage to watch it again today to give me the kick i need:p:p:p
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ooooh!! A celebrity!!! :D I like that show but don't know if I could or would want to do it! rave of you!!!

Isn;t it funny how sometimes seeing ourselves like that, like watching someone else,can be such an eye opener!!!

How did you do in 100 days - do you have much furher to go? I know I will be in development months after the 100 days. But just keep remembering - it is only temporary!!!! You have done 100 - and you survived - just remind yourself of the success ou have had and keep on going!! And yeah, if the show prompted you initially I say watchit again!!!

Good luck!!!

Were you the wife - or the husband? :)

Oh, and don't be sad....be happy - you are doing this for you, and taking care of you, and making you healthy!! ake pride and bbe happy!!

i am the wifey you can see a clip (if you dare) on you tube just put in "funny wife swap" if you do watch it just remember i didnt say anything horrible aobout his wife.
Ive lost 2 pound under 4 stone with obout another 4 stone to go but really struggling.
ps how do you add all the little comments and pictures under your posts.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
If you click on USER CP up in the bloo banner that willtkae you to 'your' page. On the left, there are a lot of links to edit password, edit profice, etc. Edit profile is where you can add Avatars and comments, etc. Or maybe it's edit your signature. You have to have a certain number of posts though bbefore you can change some features.

Will have a look at your vid!! :)
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
LOL - just had a watch. How did you cope!! Loved when he siad this is cleaned daily, right? and his littlen said, "No"!

You are not the monster you make yourself out to be. You are very pretty, and I like your accent!!

And you are obviously very brave and strong to have done that show.

You can do this too!!!

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hehehehehehe....... Well done u!!!!! I love that show but missed that one... sounded good tho... Love it when the girl told it how it is!! :)
well done you for not killing that control freak pig of a man, you had the patience of a saint,i remember watching it. Jusy think, you got through wife swap with him,this weight loss lark will be a breeze if you stick to it, keep your chim up chuck!!

Hugs xx
hehe i just watched it too!
hes a scary man!!
well done on the 4 stone btw =]
I watched that episode.. i love wife swop soooo much.. I remember when i watched it, i was like.. omg.. hes so mean.. i would have left.. i wouldnt have had the strength to carry on..
And four stone.. thats amazing..
I hope you feel very happy here.. and if you ever need anyone to talk to.. theres always someone to (most of the time).. to help..
Loadsa love..
Cat x x x
well thank you so much.

Im becoming a -z list celebrity as i am now on bbc radio merseyside as well every thursday night from 10pm onwards.

My life is really amazing with lots of things happening i just wish i had more control on the foodie bit of me i really am unravelling.
im not eating loads just picking.

Its stupid ereally as im now down to a size 18 for the first time in 22 years and i want to lose 4 more stone.


Ancient Egypt Nut!
C: 18st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.9
Gawd...how did you keep your patience with that big baffoon!!!!!:eek:

Nevermind the language he used in front of his little girl!!!!!:mad:

Love your hair BTW.....:)
Just seen the clip - i woulda smacked that guy in the chops. What a total git!

4 stone is an amazing loss, you should be very proud of it!
Keep it up xxxx
Did anybody watch the episode this week with the family that was stuck in the 1800's and looked filthy as hell!?
It was so angry with them for trapping their poor children!
Well i watched it last night- but think it was repeated from earlier in the week.
There was this family and they lived on a boat- and grew all their own vegetables/food/meat/ milked their own goat etc etc.
used wee as fertaliser. their boat was dead secluded and u could only interact with other people by getting another boat into the village.
The poor children was "home schooled" for less than an hour a day- didnt interact with anyone but their brothers and sisters or their parents and had to spend the days mucking out animals and feeding chickens!
so when the lady wanted them to swap she sent the children to a school and they absolutly loved it! loved being with other children etc and their dad refused to let them go back.
It was just so sad :(
made me angry! xxxxxx
I agreed with some of their lifestyle.. but not al of it.. i thoguht the kids could be in school.. but i liked on a whole the way they did what they believed in.. like.. you know.. the way they do it all for themselves..
x x
Oh dalite, thats the best laugh i've had all day, well done you for standing up to him. And well done on your amazing weight loss so far. As someone posted previously you are one heck of a strong woman, and you CAN do this!

All the very best, Sammy xx
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