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Wife Swap

Aww I didn't get to see it cos the blurke indoors wanted to watch the best of Top Gear - grr!

Why did this episode hit the headlines??

I agree with you! The millionnaires wife was lovely, and it was hilarious when she called that wannabe eco warrior on his 4wd sat out on the drive, and he couldn't come up with a convincing arguement could he?!!

On the whole incident that provoked the police being involved. I hate it when men (usually older men) do that sort of thing to me. For those of you that didn't see it, it appeared that a friend of one of the swaps husbands had been a bit 'overfriendly' and gropey with the wifeswap, and suggestive, and the wifeswap was obviously a wee bit uncomfortable with it. I just hate that, and the next time it happens (unfortunately I know there WILL be a next time), I'm just going to turn around and say 'do you honestly think women enjoy it when you do that?'. Anyway, I digress. I don't think it warranted reporting to the police, but maybe it will stop him from doing it again in the future?

As for 'not wanting to distress the children', why involve them on a programme that is going out on national television?


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I watched it. The enviromental was absolutely bonkers.

I dunno. Apart from her harrassment claim, I do wonder if they ever watch the programme before they chose to go on it. Why do some of the wives refuse to do the other wife's job? It's part of the agreement, and they must know that.

Surely, if you have a problem with this, you shouldn't volunteer to go on it:confused:

I couldn't do it. Just couldn't let a stranger in my house to look after my kids. And what if they looked in my cupboards:eek::eek:

There again, if they chose some nice houseproud lady, it might be cheaper than getting the cleaners in :D
There again, if they chose some nice houseproud lady, it might be cheaper than getting the cleaners in :D
Have to admit I have thought the same thing, but would SO not want the whole country having opinions on my relationship! I mean, they might decide he's right and I'm wrong, and I'd have to do housework! Eeeek!
Lol... my boyfriend and I just looked at eachother over the "button" incident...

Our conversation went a little like this:

"Would you like me to run a bath for you babe?"


"Thank **** for that!"



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She was a very bizarre vegetarian if she ate chicken and fish! :D :D :eek: What a couple of cranks they were. I might be vegetarian but I don't clean my loo with a lemon LOL.

I love Wife Swap, such a fab programme!!!
At the end of the programme when they make the request for people who are interested in taking part in the next series to get in touch, does anyone else shout: "Not on your f***ing life!" at the TV?

Erm - maybe just me then ... :rolleyes:
Ohhhh i so wanted to watch it .... missed it - anyone know when/if there's a repeat???

I always say i want to go on Wife swap - as long as I can get one of those really house proud wifes who can get my house clean and tidy, my OH to dance, my daughter to tidy her bedroom and my son to spend less time in the bathroom and clean it afterwards!!!! Trouble is what would i have to do in her house??!!!

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