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Wii EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge


I'm the tortoise.
So I know me and Tryer are on board. Anyone else? Post your weekly stats here.

Eating Plan: Slimming World
Weight: (I'm waiting for OH to finish with the tv so I can weigh in)
Right Arm: 10 1/2"
Bust: 42 1/2"
Waist: 35"
Hips: 36 1/2"
Right Thigh: 24"

I'll edit when I've got my tv back! I'm officially starting tomorrow, but I'm having a go this evening. I've had a rough weekend and really need it!
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hey sorry for late reply, trying to find measuring tape.
and i'm now at work.

will put all stats on this before the end of the day. soz
anyway defo up for challenge.
i have done 45mins on the bike this morning.
and will be doing 30 or 45 mins on the ea, tfitness tonight when i get home will update exactly what i have done. tonight.

diet is cd..... reintro as just decreasing carbs so i can back into the swing of things from being on holiday.


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ha ha haaa,, i feel that when i rest i get tired really easily, so am working out a little bit more.
sure i will have a slump soon.... but the drive to do this 30 day challenge has sparked that old feeling of excitement. a challenge i don't want to fail.
but also a hot drink is always a life saver for me.
and a mutivitamin, does the world of good as well.


I'm the tortoise.
Crackers! Still horses for courses! I'm doing this because I can't be knacked to move cd player so I can pole dance lol and because I want to actually do something and see it through!


I'm the tortoise.
For some odd reason I thought I'd be clever and pick high impact, erm, actually, it wasn't all that bad. I did 166 cals in about 26 mins. Over my projection by 4 whole calories lol oh and I suck at the skating, I'm not squating correctly or jumping at the right time, even though I've got my squats normally to a tee. Ne'er mind, back to it tomorrow. My rest day is Weds, so I'll play on my pole then or might do Fitness Coach.


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seriously i am crazy at times spure of the moment kind of person. but have lots of fun.
ok i picked medium intensity. today and have added the biking workout to my journal. (which auto gave me a bronze cup).
i am a bit tired today butthat is because i got in at 10pm after finishing work picking my boyfriend up from his work.
on the drive home we nearly ended up in hospital.
a silly man in a 4x4 driving on the wrong side of the road. over taking 3 cars on a blind bend.doing about 45 miles an hour.
and guess who was coming in the opposite direction......???? ME and boyfriend.
we both nearly had a heart attack, i swerved so hard,and i held my breath as i was preparing for the impact, it just narrowley missed us.
was a bit shakey and heart was racing fast. but all was ok.... and i have done my work out to calm my nerves.
burned 83 kcals, and used the balance board in the work out as well. like the basket ball.
my squats are crap though.
i have wednesdays off as well and will defo be on the fitness coach.
gonna find tape measure now take stats and post.

defo stick to this lets see if we can do it right to the end !!!!!


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Im in but hopefully im getting mine tomoz so will start tomorrow if they still go them in shops and will post everything and startng the 30 day challenge onthat too

good luck all and how often we posting??


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were posting when every you feel like. but to be honest, try and make it every day so we can keep track, (push each other and stay motivated).or max latest every 2 days.
what do you think evanesco?

ps yaaaaaaayyyy we have a new member yeehaaa!!!!

oops my stats are...

closes eyes and types .....

arms .... 3 inches up from elbow at fattest part 11 inches

right leg.... right under bottom crease the where thigh meets bottom... fattest part on me is 26 and half inches

bra size is a 34 ff and i know that is a fact as i get measurred regulary at bravissimo.
under bust 33inches

hips including bottom... (now girls i have a jlo bum.... am very proud of it just want it a tiny biy amaller and pert... 41 inches.

weight ... squeezes eyes even tighter ...... 77kg.

nb: all measurements were taken butt naked ha ha ha .... nop realy i wanted a true reflection of my ize and i also stood up taking all measurements.

damn...... i hope i can take 4 inches of every where. in 30 days?...... mmmmmmmm.


I'm the tortoise.
Yay! A newbie.

I'm convinced my stats are wrong. My boobs are 36, but I was wearing a padded bra lol Never mind. I mostly want 4 all over, but 2 off my waist, 1 off my hips would be a start. Can't wait for my evening session!


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did session this morning on high, burnt 172.5 cals
i officially hate lunges... (but the sooo good for my legs abd butt..) oh well will keep doing it. tee hee.
used the wii balance board in a tennis session today which was great.
will post if i do any more tonight.

padded bra hey .... mmmm don't worry.

Did my first session tonight. Kept it a low intensity one but still managed 102 calories in 15 minutes.

Mind you, I did 45 mins of netball at lunchtime today, which made me sweat like a beast. Bikram netball lol!

Haven't got time to do my starting stats as I'm whizzing out to band tonight, but will take them in the morning and update it.


I made my character a right old chubber!


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go girls we are doing fantastic!!!!

don';t forget girls any extra exercise you do put it in the journal on ea active. it all counts. and eating good too counts.


come on girls work it.


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Hi - I started the Fitness coach for the Wii today could i join in ?


I'm the tortoise.
I don't see why not. We're doing the 30 day challenge on the Wii EA Sports Active. Basically, it's 2 days of approx 30 mins, and 1 day rest. I'm not sure any of us are actully planning on resting those days though lol I know I'm either pole dancing or Fitness Coach on the rest days. Just pop some start stats on, and in 30 days we're gonna see how much we've all lost.

I've just done mine. Day 2. Hating lunges right now, but loved, loved, loved the tennis (even though I missed a fair few!) Burnt 147 cals in 26 mins (that's almost my packet of Randoms from earlier, which were lush) I'm starting to love Active more.

I forgot my start weight, was.... 146lbs

Good luck girlies.

Oh wait, have had a good eating day today too, not so good on the drinking fluids, so far have only managed about 7 glasses, but theres still time to get 3 more in.


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ok thank - you i will put some starting stats up tomorrow and do the Fitness coach :)


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omgiddy lord i brought the wii sport active today and just manage to get on the wii about hour ago and did medium first and i did the exercisers but only managed 15/20 of them cos they repeated the exercises twice and i was poof to say so tomoz going for low grade and work way up

good luck all omg knacks now
Ok...here are my starting stats for the 30 day challenge:

Weight: 156lbs
Arms: R-11½" L- 11"
Bust: 39"/33¾"
Waist: 33½"
Hips: 39½"
Thighs: L-22½" R-23"
Calf: L-15¼" R-16"

Diet: Slimming World

Have a good one everyone. Hope it does wonders for us! :D

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