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wii fit vs bathroom scales???


I will get into that wedding dress!


I will get into that wedding dress!


sisters of slim
yep the wii is right,mine is the same on my wii and my cdcs,get rid of yours and only use the wii,also the wii will tell you you have lost a little bit ,it will say you stayed the same but your weight line goes down a half.so you can tell if you are still loseing weight.i get on every morning at 7am after a wee,lol.........i am on day 89 today ha ha and it loves spending time with me lol......................
Lol i got a right teliing off cos i'd not been on mine for a while!


sisters of slim
i loved it on my birthday it had a fit with banners and tickertape and it had a little party hat on lol.....................how sad are we.and i always feel guilty when i tell it i dont want to hear a tip,it drops its head at the top and sulks,i sometimes just let it tell me so i dont feel rotten ha ha ...
TBH I wouldn't trust the WiiFit completely, there have been numerous posts around here before of people saying things like "the WiiFit says I've gained this week", "weighed in more with CDC/LLC than WiiFit says I am" etc. (I think NottsBhoy said he weighed in 8lbs heavier one time!)

Depending on the surface you put the wiifit board on the weight can alter a lot, carpet makes you weight more than tiles for example.

If you have a CDC/LLC/LT who weighs you, go by their scales and their scales alone, at least you'll get a consistent and correct reading (even if the weight is slightly out, the amount of lbs LOST will be accurate).

Sorry to rain on the parade of anyone who uses Wiifit :eek:
Doesn't bother me i sometimes choose to ignore my scales, wii fit and cdc's scales lol!

Yes i feel guilty when i tell it i don't want to hear a fitness tip and ...this is even sadder, i love it when it tells you to do the body test with your eyes closed and then it says "open your eyes" in that little high pitched cute voice ahhhhhhh!

I wonder if it will have a santa hat on for xmas?

I have my wii fit on carpet and it says i am lighter compared with other scales..so not too sure about the accuracy.


I will get into that wedding dress!
I have looked into it and there is a common belief that if it is on tiles/hardwood/laminate etc then it is very accurate HOWEVER if it is on carpet/rug etc then you need to add the extension caps that came with it then it will become again very accurate!! hope this helps anyone!!!
hi could you guide me how do you weightin your self by the wii i would like to get one


I will get into that wedding dress!
yeah sure!

all you so is do a body test its measures your height and weight and gives you your BMI, and yu can do fun exercises on it! its great for people that arent fitness mad!! i cant stand the gym!! so its great for me!! i can do 20 mins of step while watching tv so i exercise without realsiing!!!

it puts your data on a graph which records ever body test you do so yuo can see your weight going down (or up!) on a simple graph!

hope that helps a little!!
I go along the lines that as long as you're getting weighed on the same thing each time then it will show a loss - it's okay if the scales and the wii don't match as long as you're just using one of them.

I'm dreading getting my wii back out as I've put on stones so it won't recognise me :( but I'm still gonna do it.


Angelic Fruitcake
Hi Just found this thread I'm concerned about the accuracy of the wii fit scales as this morning when I woke up I went to the loo and jumped on the bathroom scales in just my undies and it said I'd lost 7lbs I was 12st 11lb however I ran down stairs and jumped on the wii fit scales as I haven't used them in over a week and it says I've gained 4lbs!!! So which scales do I trust? my third week weigh in is tomorrow but it isn't until late afternoon so two shakes and few pints of water into my day. I just don't understand how I can gain 4lbs in a week without deviating from SS once so annoying isn't it


Serena's title didn't fit

Try weighing on 1 scale all the time so the loss is accurate. Wii scales are okay if they're on flat ground, no carpet etc but if you have another scale I'd stick with that.

It depends on what you put your clothes weight down as, what i tend to do is wear really light clothes like just a vest top and put the clothes weight bit as 0 and then hold i am going to wear to my weigh in so i accurately tell how my cdcs scales will be.


Angelic Fruitcake
both my wii fit and the bathroom scales are are carpet I tried my bathroom ones on the wood floor in the spare room and got the same reading I got on the carpet I can't do that though with the wii lol on the wii I always put the clothing weight at 0 as when I weigh at home I always weigh myself in my underwear. I read an article though where a man placed a stationary object on the wii and the balence thing still moved as if the object itself had been moving hmmm I'm starting to distrust my wii fit xxxx
hi girls,

there was another thread about the wii...and i thought it only used kg's to weigh you in but someone on here said you can use stones and pounds...i havent a clue how to change it can anyone help me!??


Angelic Fruitcake
I had lost 9lb by the CDC scales to day. So the wii fit was lying to me! It has lost my trust now and I shall be using My fitness trainer game from now I hope that silly little animated talking wii fit board will feel very lonely lol xxxx


I will get into that wedding dress!
i got really confused then when i saw your username emmie lol!!

ps. have you got the adapters on the bottom of your wii fit they are included to put on if your on carpet as they correct the weight issue
my scales and my wii fit always say the same xxx

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