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Wii Fit / Will Fit+ and now Wii Fit U

I started off watching it on telly and YouTube, and hearing others use it, once I got my first Wii (yes I have two, luckily a second hand one from the nephew round the corner when he got fed up with it) I got Wii Fit and couldn't wait to try it out.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, its like all those fitness DVDs, the gimmicky weight loss equipment etc, I thought it could end up being another item sitting on a shelf never to be used again (the game not the machine as I had plenty of use for that with other games)

Glad to say it was used to death. It was great it did exactly what I hoped it would, the different games within the game (I call them games not exercises even though they are both as sometimes they seem like to much fun to be called an exercise lol) were fun (for the most part) and helped me towards losing the weight I wanted at the time (anything over a stone or 2 was what I was aiming for to begin with)

The bonus for me was having my husband around to use it with me as it gave a new depth to the game. Not only did I want to have a higher number of hours then him having used the game, but we both wanted to be top of the score boards on the different games.

After a while even though I kept playing it I got a little bored, thank goodness Wii Fit+ was just round the corner, it didn't offer a whole lot more but just enough to keep us motivated.

Now roll on 2013 almost 2014 and we have Wii Fit U. To start with yes you need a Wii U device, but if you have that and a Wii board you used with previous version of the game your pretty much there. All you need on top of that is good wifi in your place of residence and you can download the game now (well as of November the 1st) its totally free to download 'the trial' and if you like it then to keep using it after the trial period is over simply buy one of Wiis Wii Fit Meters for £19.99 to keep using the game after the trial period is over.

12 people can use the same Wii Fit U game (though they each need their own Fit Meter), as well as this you can also register 7 pets on the same device.

I'll admit there are a lot of the same games popping up, tbh it would be silly of them not to add the old games as well as they have already been created and boost what is available to use, but there are some new games as well plus a few upgrades to old ones like a new obstacle course on top of the old ones, I have not tried them all yet but so far I think the squash type game is my favourite (hitting the ball against blocks on the wall and going from side to side to get to where the ball will next be as well, is really fun for me especially as I used to love playing squash in the real world)

If you want your information from your previously playing Wii Fit+ it is a little bit to much faffing around to get the data sent over (via memory card) from one machine to another but once it is done its all worth it.

I have not joined in and tried the community section yet (another new feature) so not sure what others playing have posted, will let you know what I think of that feature later today, also not tried any of the dance games yet (some I won't be able to do because I can not fully extend my arms right above my head :( ) but so far so good.

Its only been a day and I have not got any feed back from the OH yet as he has been to busy with work to try it out yet but will try to update this post in a week or so with more information once he has also tried it and I've done a few more of the games.

I know there used to be a thread on here where those using the Wii posted how they got on, is that thread still going, and if not does anyone actually want to start up a new thread for those using any version of the game (Wii or Wii U version) as it is always nice to motivate others.

For the time being I will start by adding that for this week which ends on Sunday, with me only starting to use the Wii U as of yesterday I probably will only get a couple hours done but that is still better then what I have been doing exercise wise which is sweet f and a
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Good luck I'm getting the old wii soon with a board and wii fit. I think it's good the way you can weigh yourself and I used to like the hula hoop on my friends game
Thanks and good luck to you as well.

They have hoola hoop here too so might give it ago later today .

Sometimes I can't be arsed to go on the Wii but once I do I'm loving it just like I always do :)

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