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wii got my hopes up


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st2.5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.71%)
I just finished my first week, with 1lb loss. I was a bit miffed because when I got on the wii on saturday, it thought I'd lost three! I weighed on it just after weigh in last week, and it matched then.

I wish the wii didnt make you check your weight! :rolleyes:
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1lb is better than nothing hun, I dont trust the wii anymore as I found it very unreliable when weighing myself. The only weigh in I do now is at sw! Hugs hun, well done on losing xxx


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st2.5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.71%)
Yup, 1lb is definitely better than a kick in the pants :D


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Remember - at the end of the day - Wii Fit+ the balance board are nothing really more then a game/game accessory. The balance board is shockingly inaccurate when it comes to weight detection to be honest about it.

Two occassions spring to mind...

shortly after I brought it - I got one of the silicon covers for the balance board - I had used it the night before to play Wii Fit, and after putting the cover on it and standing in the spots suggested by the cover - I had apparently lost 7lb in about 24hrs. (I wish)

Another occassion - I used it to judge how bad Christmas just before the weigh-in following Christmas Day - went on it 4 days later (after having a BAD few days) - I had apparently put on (from wii fit session before weigh-in, not my official weigh-in weight) - 13lb. (at next weigh-in - the gain was 4lb).

Guess what - I don't use it for weighing myself anymore.
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The wii has always been 1lb out for me it says im 11 st 9 but at weigh in im 11st 10 and has always been that way so for me it gives me a good idea and i only add a lb and it will be the same
G: 11st0lb
The wii, is really inaccurate. It never shows my true weight, I dont know why I still use it LOL x


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I have my wii fit in storage for that very reason!!!
I think it depends on what surface you have it on, same with any scales. I use mine on wooden floor and its always 1lb out from when I weigh at boots. If you use it on carpet it won't be accurate. Also got to take battery life into consideration. Wouldn't recommend using it as your only scale, but I've never found mine totally inaccurate x


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Crys - read your own siggy. Enough said!


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Mines is very accurate. I used it on laminate flooring, always in the same place. If you use it on a rug or carpet...it will never be accurate.

You dont need to weight yourself to use it, just skip the body test and go straight to training! xx


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S: 15st8lb C: 11st11.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(24.08%)
My wii is always accurate too - wooden floor, same place every week (have it marked out) - never had any issues with it xx


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st2.5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.71%)
ooh! I didnt know I could skip the body test :D Yay!

I'm feeling a bit more zen-like today. 1lb a week off is still 3st 10 in a year, and my aim is 1lb a week. I met my aim. I'm good.

Thanks for all your support, it's much appreciated.
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I don't trust the wii fit weight at all. I just use it for stepping mostly now, although I fell out with it when it lost communication with the wii and I hadn't realised and ended up doing about 50 minutes instead of 30!


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st2.5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.71%)
I used to like the jogging mode where you could watch tv ;) I havent used it for that in ages though, I usually do a set yoga routine that I like.

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