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WiiFit's Weight Loss Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by WiiFitAddict, 10 September 2012 Social URL.

  1. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    :sign0144: I've been inspired to start a weight loss diary on here by reading those of others so thank you guys!

    I'm fast approaching my 51st birthday and after a traumatic couple of years (oh had heart attack then multiple bypass surgery, I had emergency hysterectomy, Mum died) I finally decided in June to stop procrastinating.

    Losing weight and getting fit were always things I was going to do "at some point" - like I was always going to sort all those (pre-digital) photographs into chronological order and put them into albums. (They are still there on top of the wardrobe.)

    There was no final thing that made me decide to do it now. It was more a combination of minor health issues, frustration over clothes looking yuk and not wanting to look a complete fright at various 'do's' that are happening next year.

    So here it is. It'll probably be tedious for others to read but hopefully cathartic for me to write. I'm the sort of person who relishes structure and order. I'm the saddo who loves entering their details and seeing the updated version of their weight loss statistics.

    Your comments are welcome at any time.

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  3. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Forgot to say :doh: I'm doing Slimming World Extra Easy.

    Start weight: 17stones 5 pounds

    Current weight: 16 stones 0 pounds

    I weigh in on Tuesday evenings.

    Monday 10th September.

    Breakfast: Fruit n Fibre plus sliced banana with skimmed milk from allowance (HE A)

    45 minutes on Wii Fit including 20 minutes of step work.

    Hobbit breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 2 crackerbread with proactive spread.

    Snack: a few strawberries
  4. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Lunch of fresh salmon, cous cous and mixed salad plus an apple followed by an hour walking the dog. :doggy: Hoping to join a local badminton group this evening so I should probably try and save some energy for that!
  5. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    Just jumping on to subscribe, lunch sounds yummy :)
  6. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Thanks hells. It was. Been snacking on fruit this afternoon. The drawback of playing badminton in the evening is it means eating late... and weigh in day is tomorrow....in a quandary now...
  7. Liverbird52

    Liverbird52 Gold Member

    Hi,my cons says you can eat late and its fine re weigh in,good luck x
  8. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    :) Thanks acc!
  9. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Well I went along to the badminton club :eek: I hadn't played for a few months and then it was against someone about the same ability as myself. Last night I went with a fellow SW lady who hadn't played since she was at school. The folk there were very friendly and encouraging but oh my goodness - all male and mostly far more proficient players than us! We played doubles, one match after another until (after about the 6th match) I was on the point of collapse. Seriously, I felt SO sick and as though I was about to pass out! I think it was because play was so relentless and I am very competitive.

    When we got outside the club we realised we had played for over an hour! We agreed we had enjoyed the evening and will be going back next week. When I got home and looked in the mirror my face was bright red :ashamed0005: I must be so unfit!

    Dinner: jacket potato with tuna (plus small amount of extra light mayo) and lots of salad. Muller Light vanilla yoghurt.

    I was completely wiped out after the badminton and was in bed by 10pm.
  10. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Tuesday 11th September

    One big ache today after last night's exertions - I'm sure it'll get easier. It'll be interesting to see how I go with the Wii Fit today!

    Breakfast: scrambled egg, bacon medallions and chopped tomatoes. Going to visit my Aunt for lunch today. She knows I am doing SW so hopefully will bear that in mind. :)
  11. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    Good news on the ache, you obviously worked hard!

    I love scrambled eggs so much, I may have them for lunch, nom

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  12. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Did 40 minutes on the Wii Fit before going to visit my Aunt.

    Lunch: jacket potato, ham and lots of salad, tbsp coleslaw - that was okay.

    2 large glasses of red wine :sign0007:

    Weighed in tonight and had lost 1/2lb. I know that's okay but I can't help feeling a little disappointment. I've not gone mad this past week and have done more exercise than usual.

    Dinner: cod, green beans and mashed potato

    Tomorrow is the start of a new week.

  13. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    Don't worry too much, I'm
    Not sure when you started, but my first week I was sooo good and only lost 1lb, then 2lb, 1.5lb, 4.5lb then 0.5lb, but it still averages out at 2lb per week, it just seems to cone off all at once!

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  14. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Thanks hells. I've lost 19 1/2 lbs now in 13 weeks. I did think it might come off faster as I was so overweight but I s'pose we're all different. I want to try and tone as I go along so maybe slow and sure is better.

    *trying to keep a positive outlook :fingerscrossed:
  15. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    That's about 1.5lb a week right? That's not bad at all, are you in the Xmas challenge? If you lose an average of 1.5lb per week from now until then you'll be nearly 2 stone lighter by Christmas and New Year :)

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  16. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Bless you for that! You're right. Onwards and erm...downwards! :thankyou:
  17. Tesam2931

    Tesam2931 Silver Member

    Hi, just wanted to say hello. You have done so well so far, so well done you. And............. it's good to meet a fellow Wii Fitt-er. One and a half pounds a week is great - just keep going as you are, and keep posting your food diary if it helps you.
    Tina x
  18. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Hello Tina and thanks so much for your encouraging words. :thankyou: I think I will continue with my diary as I believe it will help keep me on the right path. What are your fave activities on the Wii Fit?
  19. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Wednesday 12th September

    ​Breakfast: scrambled egg and baked beans
  20. WiiFitAddict

    WiiFitAddict Silver Member

    Todays Wii Fit session one hour and two minutes including 20 minutes of free step.

    10 tummy tightening leg raises x 2

    Snacks: 2 x Rocky Road Hi-Fi bars (HEB)
  21. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    Good going on the Wii, I've not done any exercise yet today :(

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