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WiiMii's Ultra Slim diet journal

S: 13st7lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st1lb(0.53%)
I really don't get on with conventional diets. I don't have the will power... I need to do something about my weight as it's just going up and up and getting out of control. In the last six months I have put on 24lbs due to the fact I just eat ALL. DAY. LONG. and don't get any exercise at all.

I've been trying and failing to tackle it and as I've been planning to do something about it (but always planning to start 'tomorrow') my weight has gone up and up and I've outgrown all of my clothes and had to buy new ones.

Last time I stepped on my wii fit my weight had increased from 11 and a half stone to 13 and a half stone! That tipped my BMI into the obese at 30.5 and my 'wii mii' doubled in size! That, and watching "Britain's heaviest man" on channel 4, was the push I needed to get this under control before it gets worse.

I was torn between whether to watch the heaviest man program or not, as on the one hand it seemed grossly voyeuristic, but on the other hand I thought it might help motivate me in my weight loss efforts. And motivate me it did! But it also scared the crap out of me! While some people may look at "the world's fattest man" and think, "How on earth does anyone end up that size?", I looked at him, and listened to his story, and I thought, "That could be me!".

I have a very emotional relationship with food. I definitely comfort eat. I binge eat packets of biscuits, multipacks of crisps... I'll phone and get a pizza just after I've eaten lunch because I feel like I need it. I wake up in the night and get up to see what I can eat. My habits really have to change now or I really will just keep on gaining weight.

In desperation to lose weight I tried starvation for a few days, but that came and bit me on the bottom when I fell into a massive binge of a packet of biscuit, a box of jaffa cakes, a 6 pack of crisps, and a tub of coleslaw and when I still didn't feel satisfied I drove to pizza hut and had a large cheesy bites vegie supreme! ....and gained yet more weight to lose. Lesson learned.

So starvation did't work out too well, but I'm now trying a more structured low food diet in the hope that having set 'meal' times will stop me thinking about food all the time except for looking toward my next 'meal' and if it comes to it counting down to it one hour at a time!

I'm using UltraSlim meal replacements and following this plan:

10:00: Meal replacement bar and a glass of water.

Between 'breakfast' and 'lunch': May allow myself a can of pepsi if I drink a ltr of water first

15:00: Meal replacement shake or hot drink and a glass of water

18.20: Main meal - Real food! A small portion of dinner, whatever I've made for the rest of the family. (eta my version of a small portion is probably a normal size for most I like my dinners )

Desert: Muller vitality low fat prebiotic + fibre yogurt drink.

I've been on this diet for 2 days and so far I feel like I'm getting on really well and feeling really positive. I just need to see some results when I weigh in next Friday to reassure me that it's worthwhile and is actually working!

I'm aiming for a BMI of just over 22, which according to my Wii Fit is THE BMI to be at. This means I have to lose 50lbs. I was thinking of aiming for 9stone, but that would make my BMI 20, which seems a little low, so my current weight is 13stone 7lbs and my goal weight is 10 stone :)

This is me now:

I can't wait to see progress as I move on through this diet. I plan to take monthly photos to compare :)
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